The Anatomy of Songs: Megan White *Review*

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Genres: Dark Fantasy, NA Fantasy, Fantasy | Release Date: 1 July 2023 | Series Book: #1 | Pages: 417 | Publisher: New Dawn | Review

“I see you, assassin.”

Megan White


I have a confession to make: The Anatomy of Songs by Megan White is a dark fantasy which had been looking at me from the TBR pile for way too long! So please consider this your gentle nudge to put this NA fantasy to the very top of your own TBR list, okay? Don’t be like me, glitterbugs! Now before I melt into fangirl mode, let’s give you an overview…

Kasira Severen has always heard the Songs of both deities. As a Daughter of Silba, Kasira works on curing the ills of all those who dwell in Lowtown. But as a conduit of Alydian, the God of Death? She’s the most feared assassin within Sundsvall. Commanded by her father to kill the Crown Prince, Veridian, Kasira never thought she would soon be questioning her role. As bodies start piling up, will Veridian and Kasira find a common enemy? What part will an exiled Queen play in the growing darkness? And with both gods singing to Kasira, which one will she follow?

Paperback of The Anatomy of Songs by Megan White is on a white bookshelf, between books by A. K. Mulford and Miranda Lyn. A white and teal polymer clay wolf by Sweet May Dreams is laying to the right of the book.
The Anatomy of Songs is a deadly journey into a dark & broken kingdom.
Of course I loved it, as did the guardian wolf from Sweet May Dreams!

Happiness Boost:

Why was this on my TBR for so long?! Megan’s writing is *everything* and I cannot overstate how much I love Kasira. She is such an anti-hero and her morally grey aura envelops us readers in a deadly hug. How cool (& slightly disturbing) is it that when she hears Silba’s Song she can pinpoint every ache, and splashes of blood seem to paint every move she makes? Have I let my imagination run wild as I read The Anatomy of Songs? Obviously! Am I going to come off this bookish high anytime soon? Not at all!

You do not get more of a downtrodden cast of characters than these ones. Every breath, every move, every single decision they make is one which could shatter the peace of the kingdoms and the precarious balance between life and death. And can I just say, some of the most terrifying stories you read harbour a mysterious character at the heart of them. And in Megan’s dark fantasy? Just as Kasira couldn’t shake the feeling of being watched, there were chills travelling up my spine as I turned the pages. This started out as a dark fantasy. By the time we got to the end? It’s as black as a night sky without any stars in it. Of course that’s a happiness boost!

I hate to say it, because I swear there must be stories I’ll love which contain only happiness in them… But my most beloved stories? They’ll also feature heartache and grief. And oh my goodness, Megan. Do you smash the heart or what?! Something happens in this fantasy which I did *not* see coming. Was it hard to read? Yes. Because, of course, I was crying as my eyes raced along the sentences. But it made this story so real, so achingly dark and intense… Of course I love it.


There is no downside for me, despite my heart being smashed to smithereens. It’s a glorious tale.

Final Thoughts:

The Anatomy of Songs by Megan White is a desperately dark fantasy full of deadly peril, treacherous ancestors and hard choices. I’m so in love with how this NA fantasy has been written, and you can bet I’m going to be pre-ordering the next book as soon as it becomes available! Love what you’ve heard from my review? Just click on any of the links below to order yourself a copy! Happy reading, glitterbugs!

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