The Assassin Thief: Madeline Te Whiu *Review*

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Genres: Dark Fantasy, NA Fantasy, Fantasy | Release Date: 15 October 2022 | Series: The Soul Thief Trilogy | Series Book: #1 | Pages: 432 | Publisher: New Dawn | Review

“I will dance with the Fae King and drag his soul down to the Underrealm.”

Madeline Te Whiu


I was lucky enough to recently be given an ARC of The Assassin Thief by Madeline Te Whiu, thanks to the generosity of the author and New Dawn Publishing. And what a debut of a dark fantasy this book turned out to be! This is a very special tale, but first let me give you an overview of the plot…

Telium was once the Siren Queen’s most favoured (and feared) assassin. Now, years later, she lives alone in the forest and it takes a Fae warrior to get her to leave her haven. The Mad Fae King must be stopped before war is unleashed, and only Telli has enough power to make this happen. However, Telium’s power is a roaring darkness and she fears what could happen if it’s all unleashed. Can she conquer her gifts? Is the Mad Fae King too powerful to be stopped? What is the price Telli must pay for being named Tenebris Kin?

A paperback copy of the ARC The Assassin Thief by Madeline Te Whiu is sitting to the right of  a white bookshelf, in front of books by Rae Else and Nattie Kate Mason. A Viking polymer clay dragon (Freya) by Dirty Paws Australia sits to the left of the ARC.
The Assassin Thief by Madeline Te Whiu is a must have for dark fantasy lovers…
Freya from Dirty Paws Australia gives her full approval of the Tenebris Kin.

Happiness Boost:

I thought I knew where this was going. Most of us fantasy readers of recent years can spot a plot pattern… But Madeline turned everything upside down! It’s been such a thrill to be surprised with every turn of the page. The Assassin Thief is more than just two powerful beings going head to head. And it’s so much more than the idea of a happily ever after between two main characters. This is dark NA fantasy with a difference.

There are so many moments in The Assassin Thief I wanted to use as a quote, because Madeline has such a way with words. The imagery throughout the tale is exceptional, and when Telium uses her Gifts? I had a thrill go down my spine, because what we’re reading is so good. I *felt* her power. Who wouldn’t fall in love with that?!

We get a few flashbacks to before Telium’s current adventure, and this has really set the scene for the reader to fall in love with her tenacity, heartbreak and power. In every respect, I want Telium to win. Madeline has given us a flawed and faltering heroine who wants to do what’s right. And it’s that kind of character that we love the most, am I right? It’s certainly mine!


NONE! Some people might be a little thrown off as The Assassin Thief uses present tense, but honestly go pre-order this book right now because it is *so* good!

Final Thoughts:

The Assassin Thief by Madeline Te Whiu is a very exciting addition to the dark fantasy genre, and I’ve loved every minute of reading it. I’m adding Telium to my list of favourite heroines, and wishing I had a time machine so I could go forward in time and get the second book already! Mark the release date on your calendar bookworms, because this author’s tale is going to leave you wanting more… Happy reading, glitterbugs!

You can pre-order The Assassin Thief via this link: Amazon

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