The Borderlands Princess: Ophelia Wells Langley *Review*

Cover image of The Borderlands Princess by Ophelia Wells Langley is in the centre of an image of a flower glen in the fading light between dusk and night. Added text: Sorcha is the embodiment of the Peace Treaty, between humans and Fae... Can she ever be anything more?

Genres: NA Fantasy, New Adult, Fantasy | Release Date: 28 November 2022 | Series: The Stone Circle Series | Series Book: #1 | Pages: 336 | Indie Author | Review

“I’m a glorified sacrifice.”

Ophelia Wells Langley


A huge thank you to the author and Katie & Brey PA for giving me an e-ARC of The Borderlands Princess to review! This NA fantasy is jam packed with action, lies and love… Which is a pretty great combination, am I right? Of course I am!

Princess Sorcha is on a journey to the realm of King Achill, the High King of Fae. The embodiment of the Peace Treaty, it’s her marriage to the King which will secure everyone’s lasting peace. However, the road is fraught with danger and not all of the Fae are happy; to be subjected to a human Queen is not what they want. Lord Conall, a Fae knight, is determined to get her to her betrothed, but is his heart really set on it? Sorcha is about to uncover some deadly truths, which could soon leave the Peace Treaty in tatters…

Cover image of The Borderlands Princess by Ophelia Wells Langley is to the bottom left of a close up image of a mossy tree trunk and the greenery surrounding it. Added text: The journey to the High King of Fae's realm is perilous... And Sorcha doesn't know if she can put her trust in Conall, the Lord of the Borderlands.
There’s so much action and betrayal within The Borderlands Princess…

Happiness Boost:

It’s not often pixies get a proper arc in a fantasy, but I’m so glad Ophelia gives us this in The Borderlands Princess! You know how an author often puts something in, but you can tell their heart isn’t in it? That doesn’t happen here! Pixies like Hazel prove that you can create side characters just as intriguing as the main one and I *love* it.

I always love when a story can make me laugh, and this one did. At one point, Conall accidentally sneaks up on Sorcha, and then makes a quip about her human hearing. Banter is good! I love banter, and it can be hard to do that when a story has such an intense plot like this one. But Ophelia manages it so well, and it’s a ray of sparkly goodness in my eyes.

Of course I always hope a fantasy will really connect with the natural world, but have you ever noticed that quite often that part of a story falls flat? The Borderlands Princess didn’t! I really got a sense of nature’s importance, from the trees and water to the sky. It was beautiful. Ophelia gives the trees autonomy like a number of great authors have done in the past (ahem, Tolkien) and it was like coming home. It just gives me a thrill when it’s done, so thank you for that!


I’m probably nitpicking, but the line ‘See something you like, Sorcha?’ was such a repeated phrase throughout The Borderlands Princess, that at one point I wanted to whack the culprit. I felt a bit mean as things progressed for the character, but I stand by my initial annoyance. I also have to question Sorcha’s blanket debt to a certain creature. Surely she’d know the risks, growing up as she did with the Treaty over her head?

Final Thoughts:

The Borderlands Princess by Ophelia Wells Langley is such a great tale of magic, adventure and the ultimate betrayal. I was actually quite sad when I got to the last page, because there’s so much more of the adventure left! This NA fantasy will keep you guessing (and hoping) for answers and freedom for Sorcha, as well as for those whom she loves. If you’ve enjoyed what you’ve read about The Borderlands Princess here? Make sure you click a link below to pre-order yourself a copy! Happy reading, glitterbugs!

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    1. Hi Mel! Great question – I hate to give away spoilers, but in my eyes there’s no true love triangle trope in this story (think Hans in the first Disney Frozen movie). I hope this helps! ♥

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