The Cursed Crown: May Sage & Alexi Blake *Review*

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Genres: NA Fantasy, Fantasy Romance, Fantasy | Release Date: 25 February 2021 | Standalone | Pages: 338 | Indie Author | Review

“She was marching to her doom, and gleefully so.”

May Sage & Alexi Blake


I have to admit, The Cursed Crown by May Sage & Alexi Blake was waiting in my TBR fort for a *very* long time… But better late than never, right? This standalone NA fantasy romance is a delightfully dangerous walk on the wild side of the seelie realm. Past Anne knew to grab a good book when she saw one!

Rissa is half-fae, half-nightmare. And for a century she’s lived in the woods, renouncing any claim to the crown of the high court bloodline. But Rissa’s plans all fall to pieces when the unseelie king comes for her… Rydekar Bane is determined to make Rissa High Queen, and unite a broken realm against a common foe. But what if Rissa can prove there’s someone more suited for the role? Venturing into the Wilderness, Rissa’s determined to find the cursed prince and make him claim the throne she doesn’t want. Will the unseelie king be able to hold off the approaching enemy long enough for Rissa’s plan to work? Is it possible to wake a cursed prince, who has long been lost to the strongest of enchantments? Or is this the moment that Serissa must take her place as Queen Mab’s heir and preside over the seelie kingdom?

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An enchanting tale of power, crowns and unexpected love…
My nature dragon by Prismatic Brush enjoyed the adventure into a new realm!

Happiness Boost:

Within The Cursed Crown, May Sage (writing as Alexi Blake) clearly marks how different Rissa is to the rest of her seelie brethren. Rissa has numerous physical characteristics which would better suit the unseelie court, which is a problem for the ‘perfectionists’. And you know what? I *love* it. Because this incredible nightmare is fierce and worth a million of them (at least). When a main character is more than just a figurehead for a story, and changes the narrative like this? Dish me up a double serving of this happiness boost, please!

Okay, I may have been deep in my bookish lair, but tell me if this isn’t new to you… Rye passes his crown to others, when he wants to do something and not get pestered by rules or multiple creatures petitioning him for something. That’s new, right? It’s not just me? I understand the concept of regency in the real world, but for a fae to just fling a crown at someone and basically say ‘tag, you’re it’? That’s different! And *yes*, different is good!

The Cursed Crown is such an advocate for the natural realm and all of its magic, it’s a big happiness boost when I read a fantasy like this! Rissa is particularly good at creating a bond with trees, and it was such a joy to read about their different quirks and needs! Who knew planting an acorn or two along the way could make such a difference? Rissa did! Honestly this book has been a joy to read, from start to finish.


Okay. I’ve sung high praise, which is well deserved. But there is something I need to mention… The Cursed Crown had such a fabulous build up, that the end felt a bit rushed. And as this tale is a standalone (at least for now), a few loose ends that were left behind didn’t quite give me the clear-cut resolution I’d wanted.

Final Thoughts:

The Cursed Crown by May Blake & Alexi Sage is the perfect NA fantasy romance if you adore reluctant heroes, steamy love and a powerful foe. It’s definitely a story I’d dive back into in a heartbeat! And who knows, maybe down the track we’ll get a sequel… Never say never, right? Love what you’ve heard from my review? Click on any of the links below and order yourself a copy of this incredible book! Happy reading, glitterbugs!

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