The Daughter of the Scarred Elf: Maham Fatemi *Review*

Cover image of The Daughter of the Scarred Elf by Maham Fatemi is in the centre of a blue and purple abstract image. Added text: Can Kolfinna break free of an ancient rune & escape Sijur?

Genres: YA Fantasy, Fantasy Romance, Fantasy | Release Date: 5 March 2024 | Series: The Heartless and the Wicked | Series Book: #3 | Pages: 430 | Indie Author | Review

“You cannot hide from your blood.”

Maham Fatemi


A huge thank you goes to indie author Maham Fatemi for letting me read an ARC of The Daughter of the Scarred Elf! This is book three in the incredible The Heartless and the Wicked YA fantasy series, and I *highly* recommend you check out my reviews for books one and two before you check out this one. But let’s give you an overview, shall we?

Put on trial by the king, Kolfinna’s only way out is to bind herself to Sijur Bernsten for fifteen years with a fae rune. But when the lieutenant general shows his true colours, Kolfinna is desperate to escape his clutches. Because if she can’t get away, the blood of so many innocents will be on her hands. Can Kolfinna escape, even as she tries to reconcile with a damning prophecy about her heritage? Is it possible for her to divulge her darkest secret to Blár Vilulf? And how will the military react when Kolfinna is added to their ranks?

Cover image of The Daughter of the Scarred Elf by Maham Fatemi is to the bottom right of a purple abstract image. Added text: The half-elf commander is hunting Kolfinna... Can she evade him while also breaking free of Sijur's rune?
This YA fantasy romance is a story you won’t want to put down…

Happiness Boost:

The Daughter of the Scarred Elf is such a riveting fantasy of secrets, deadly peril and stubborn heroism. I absolutely love Maham’s writing, because she really knows how to captivate a reader! And just when I thought things couldn’t get more intense? A certain character is thrown into the mix. Now, just between us friends, I can be a little vindictive. And when Maham’s stellar timing gives us a *big* reveal about them? Holy guacamole, glitterbugs. If that character was standing right before me? The unalive process would be slow and painful, because that’s exactly what they deserve! But I love how Maham can create such despicable characters. How could it not be a happiness boost?!

Who loves a true slow burn romance?! Glitterbugs, the sparks between Kolfinna and our resident frosty hero Blár are positively flying. I thought it was great in The Frost Soldier and the Gilded Duty… But in The Daughter of the Scarred Elf? It’s like being treated to your all-time favourite dessert. I was gobbling up the pages (not literally, for which my Kindle is thankful) and absolutely *loving* it. I never knew just a simple touch could make my heart skip a beat. But it did. Because this slow burn is glorious.

Can we talk about how this series keeps getting darker? The prophecy hanging over Kolfinna promises deadly consequences if the half-elf commander finds her. And with more monsters testing the military’s forces, it feels like Kolfinna will never find peace. Seriously, if you’re looking for a YA fantasy romance series? You need this! I’m honestly struggling to find proper words, because I only finished it the other day and I’m still fangirling like no tomorrow. SO READ THE BOOK!


I have to wait for the fourth instalment! But a downside about this specific tale? There is none!

Final Thoughts:

The Daughter of the Scarred Elf by indie author Maham Fatemi is such an exciting YA fantasy, full of secrets and a delicious slow burn romance. I love this series with all of my heart, and cannot wait to see what happens in the finale! Love what you’ve heard from my review? Just click on the link below to order a copy of this beauty! Seriously. Go and do that. Right now. Happy reading, glitterbugs!

You can order The Daughter of the Scarred Elf via this link: Amazon

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