The Evergreen Heir: A. K. Mulford *Review*

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Genres: New Adult, NA Fantasy, Fantasy | Release Date: 13 June 2023 | Series: The Five Crowns of Okrith | Series Book: #4 | Pages: 403 | Publisher: Harper Voyager | Review

“Something was stirring in Okrith.”

A. K. Mulford


I’m just going to admit something straight away: The Evergreen Heir by A. K. Mulford was in my TBR pile for way too long. Do I have books older than this one, still waiting on me? Yes. But I *know* the books in The Five Crowns of Okrith are truly exceptional, so it’s pretty sad that it took me until now to read this instalment!* Now let’s not dilly-dally, here comes the overview…

Neelo Emberspear is desperate to never wear a crown. But they have been waging a losing battle against their mother’s vices, in a bid to keep the throne far away from them. And when the castle is set alight, Neelo knows they need answers. Who has been supplying the queen’s choice of sin? And what does it mean, that the entire court is ingesting it? Talhan, the Golden Eagle, is determined to be by their side as consort, but Neelo is racing against time. And Neelo isn’t sure they can accept the sacrifice Talhan would be making, by standing with them. A darkness is rising, and the entire continent is in peril…

The Evergreen Heir is such an incredible NA fantasy…
The beautiful wolf from Sweet May Dreams was in their element!

Happiness Boost:

The Evergreen Heir is more than just another NA fantasy, more than a simple tale of fae and witches. Yes, it’s for every bookworm who loves a story of great evil, courageous characters and epic worldbuilding. But it’s also for those who are seeking a fantasy with non-binary characters, with exceptional representation for those who are so often overlooked. I am a huge fan of Mulford giving a voice to everyone within their books, but this fourth instalment in the series is extra powerful. And that’s a beautiful, magical thing.

Can we talk about character growth and someone doing the right thing, even when it’s *very* difficult? Neelo just wants to be left alone with their books. That’s all they want, and I’m pretty sure all of us could get onboard with that plan! But the queen has created chaos within the realm, and Neelo has to step up. Taking charge isn’t their forte. In fact, I’m pretty sure they’d put Rish in charge, if only they could get away with it! But Mulford makes sure that every book in this series shows us how characters can change for the better. How being afraid or unsure isn’t a bad thing, but actually a chance to level up. I love that!

I could talk about this book for days (or longer), but the last happiness boost in my review? Talhan, you golden retriever of a hero. This fae warrior can basically take down an army, but is a cinnamon roll with those whom he loves. And I can’t recall anyone being so understanding and respectful of another’s wishes, as Talhan is with Neelo’s. He’s no pushover, as he’s always ready for mischief or taking on the world, but what an absolute cutie pie. Talhan has to be protected at all cost, okay?! Okay.


I am so in love with the writing within this fantasy, there’s *no* downside for me!

Final Thoughts:

The Evergreen Heir by A. K. Mulford is a glorious NA fantasy full of fae warriors, insidious evil and defiant courage. I am hopelessly in love with The Five Crowns of Okrith series and dreading when the last book arrives. Can’t it just go on forever, please? If you love the sound of this book from my review? You need this book (and this series)! Just click any of the links below to grab your copy of this brilliant story. Happy reading, glitterbugs!

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