The Gilded Mirror: K. E. Barden *Review*

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Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy, YA Fantasy | Release Date: 15 March 2021 | Series: Finding Ever After | Series Book: #1 | Pages: 248 | Indie Author | Review

“A truth for a truth.

K. E. Barden


Recently gifted The Gilded Mirror by K. E. Barden, I can already tell you that it’s the most glorious ride through the familiar land of fairytales! This indie author has merged so many of the beloved characters together in her Finding Ever After series, and every page gives us something more to love. So let me give you an overview before I wildly fangirl in the happiness boost section…

Eveline is known as the Seeker, and she can find anything or anyone that is lost. Except for her father, who disappeared when she was a young girl. Now Eve’s main goal in life is to either find her father, or avenge his death. But when she’s hired by the Huntsman (Hansel) to find Princess Snow, life is about to take an even darker turn. The Queen wants Snow’s heart, and will stop at nothing to find her and kill her. Can Eve and Hansel find the Princess before it’s too late? Is it possible for a Huntsman, a Seeker, a fairy and a troll to save the realm? Will Eve be able to track down the key to the kingdom in time, against the dark forces that are rolling through every field and every forest?

A paperback copy of The Gilded Mirror by K. E. Barden is on a white bookshelf, in front of books by Jaymin Eve and Jennifer Fallon. A blueberry pie dragon by Prismatic Brush is to the right of the book.
The Gilded Mirror draws the reader into a beautifully written (& truly magical) realm…
The blueberry pie dragon from Prismatic Brush loved this heart-pounding journey!

Happiness Boost:

Although these fairytale characters are so familiar, Barden gives them *depth*. And this is a huge happiness boost for me, because I loved hearing the background of Hansel in a new light! With pixies, trolls and dwarves populating The Gilded Mirror, this YA fantasy is a pure delight for fans of fairytales in any form.

Eve is a battered soul, who had to grow up much too fast once her father disappeared. Barden intertwines heartache and resilience so easily in Eve, but honestly all of her characters have a complexity to them! Plus can we talk about Porchid, the fairy? She is such a sweet soul, with a tiny touch of Tinkerbell grouchiness. I just wanted to reach through the pages and hug her when things became difficult. Not so quietly, I also wanted to do that for the rest of the ensemble, but Porchid is portable size, so hugging her is easy!

Barden has written a tale full of wonderful, magical realism. And even though it’s not a massive book, there’s *so* much packed within it! I cannot tell you just how much I love the world within The Gilded Mirror, because words fail me at this level of joy. But I *can* tell you I’ll be reading anything and everything Barden writes!


I’ve loved every minute of this glorious tale; there’s no downside!

Final Thoughts:

The Gilded Mirror by indie author K. E. Barden is a marvelous adventure, through a fairytale kingdom like no other. If you’ve ever loved tales of Snow White (or any of the others)? This story really is a must have for your bookshelf. It’s a bright tale in a dark world, and I’ve loved every second of it! Eve and the rest of the characters have found a way into my heart, and I can’t wait to read the next book in the series. Enjoyed what you’ve read of my review? Make sure to get yourself a copy of The Gilded Mirror via the links below! Happy reading, glitterbugs!

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