The Gods of War & Darkness: Nattie Kate Mason *Review*

Cover image of The Gods of War & Darkness by Nattie Kate Mason is in the centre of an image of a forest at some kind of sunset; a light is shining through to the right, and there are little lights on the ground amidst leaf litter and blue foliage. Added text says: Can the unredeemable find redemption? Agnes and Thorn must find a way to stop Nushka's reign of chaos...

Genres: Dark Fantasy, Romantic Fantasy, NA Fantasy | Release Date: 23 October 2022 | Series: The Immortal Deities | Series Book: #2 | Pages: 294 | Indie Author | Review

“What else do I have to lose that I have not already lost?”

Nattie Kate Mason


Thanks to the generosity of indie author Nattie Kate Mason, I was given an e-ARC of The Gods of War & Darkness! I had been counting down for this dark NA fantasy for a while, because The Goddess of Blood & Bone had been spectacular. But this story, with such a perfect blending of magic, mythology and devious deities? It blew the first book of the duology out of the water! Please note, this book is recommended for ages 18+.

In The Gods of War & Darkness, Nushka has now become Queen of the Gods after her successful coup. But she isn’t content to rule over one land and unleashes her unstoppable army on the mortal realm. The world is being torn apart at the seams, and the Gods of War and Darkness must stop her reign of chaos. Can Agnes help Thorn battle his sister and restore the balance? Is it possible for the unredeemable to find redemption? Demons are coming out to play and only the dead can save the living…

Cover image of The Gods of War & Darkness by Nattie Kate Mason is to the bottom right of an image of a woodland area - there is foliage and little lights along the ground. Added text says: The Queen of the Gods has unleashed an army on the mortal realm. And now only the dead can save the living...
This steamy dark fantasy by Nattie Kate Mason delivers an unforgettable story of high stakes and the cost of love.

Happiness Boost:

This tale is a massive rush of adrenaline. And that’s a great thing! Key characters from this duology and from Nattie’s The Crowning series all make an appearance, and every one of them is given their own arc. I gasped in excitement when Annie and the rest of Agnes’ family were found in the afterlife; it was also a reminder as to why I had hated Agnes so much, but that’s to be expected! And let’s be honest, it’s not a family reunion unless there’s some awkwardness (to say the least).

Within The Gods of War & Darkness, the multiple POVs gave me a sense of Nushka’s expansive chaos. Nattie pulls the reader in with this spiralling doom, and my heart lodged in my throat as sacrifices were made. I honestly didn’t expect any of them, so each one was like an arrow to my chest. But it’s worth it, I promise. Because Nattie’s storytelling is just magnificent.

Who else loves morally grey characters?? If you love them too, you’re going to adore this book… And I’m just going to say it: The Immortal Deities duology delivers some of the best you’ll ever read. Yes. I said that. Nattie’s characters have so much personality, and every single one of them has their own agenda. There’s just something so likeable and relatable about imperfect people (or Gods). It was hard to say goodbye when I came to the end!


There are no downsides! I loved this from start to finish.

Final Thoughts:

Nattie Kate Mason’s The Gods of War & Darkness is an incredible dark romantic fantasy. Featuring powerful gods and a heroine seeking redemption, no fantasy lover could pass this up! I’ve long been a fan of Nattie’s writing, and this is just another reason as to why I love her work. With compelling characters, an evil deity and an encroaching darkness to defeat, this book was unputdownable. Make sure you pre-order your copy, because you’re in for a treat! Happy reading, glitterbugs!

You can pre-order The Gods of War & Darkness via this link: Amazon

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    1. It was completely my pleasure dear Nattie! The Gods of War & Darkness was a treasure trove of action and heart stopping moments, what a beautiful finale to give us. ♥

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