The Heir: Claudia Klein *Review*

Cover image of The Heir by Claudia Klein is in the centre of a darkened image of an elaborate crown resting (on an angle) on an old book. Added text above says: Caught up in a massacre, Princess Kat is now heir to a broken kingdom...

Genres: Young Adult, YA Fantasy, Fantasy | Release Date: 16 November 2020 | Series: Erlingue | Series Book: #1 | Pages: 288 | Indie Author | Review

“If we give up our hope, then we’ve lost everything.”

Claudia Klein


I hadn’t come across The Heir by Claudia Klein until a few weeks ago, so I have the lovely bookstagram community to thank for this one! In fact, they’re also responsible for my rapidly growing TBR list, but that’s another story… I’ve categorised this book as a YA fantasy, but it’s probably a cross between middle-grade and young adult, like Karen Ginnane’s wonderful Time Catchers duology. It’s a win-win!

In The Heir, Princess Kat conceals her gender and identity so she can join her people and fight the invaders from Erlingue. However, it all comes apart when Arbinad falls. Now a prisoner, can this heir regain her freedom? King Eric of Erlingue has made a pact with evil and is on the war path to become emperor of the world… Will his brother, Prince Thomas, find a way to rescue Kat from the dungeons? Can a demon be stopped? Is there anything left worth fighting for, or is it all broken beyond repair?

Cover image of The Heir by Claudia Klein is to the bottom left of an image of a delicate gold crown sitting atop an old book. Added text above says: Can Kat regain her freedom and save her kingdom? Or will she be left with nothing?
The Heir was a quick and entertaining middle-grade/YA fantasy read!

Happiness Boost:

I got Mulan vibes at the beginning of The Heir, but the story soon goes on its own unique journey. Claudia has packed Kat’s story with action and despair, which is the perfect combination for a fantasy novel! The side characters were just as intriguing as Kat, if not more so. And even though the Creature behind everything was barely fleshed out, I still enjoyed the classic tug of war between good and evil!

The lengths the characters are willing to go to, for each other and for what’s right, is really enjoyable. And I think the hardest thing would be to go against family, even when you don’t like them very much. Prince Thomas does this for Kat and the betterment of the kingdom, and it packed so much dramatic tension into The Heir!

It might be a weird happiness boost, but this story can pretty much be read as a standalone if you want to. Although there promises to be more adventure in the next book (The Crown), there’s no major cliffhanger at the end of The Heir. Being able to read and enjoy this story either way is great!


I was uncomfortable (and a little annoyed) with the emphasis on ‘class’. Mostly because Princess Lucy discovered how brilliant the people serving her were, only to go back on this as soon as she found herself amongst royalty once again. Plus, there’s a decision Kat and Thomas make which is pretty foolhardy… In my eyes, it could only ever end badly. Yet they were shocked when it did?!

Final Thoughts:

The Heir by Claudia Klein is an entertaining middle-grade/YA fantasy read. While it doesn’t get too in depth with the storyline, it’s certainly fun! If you’re looking to escape into a new world, but without a big cast of characters? This is the perfect choice for you. You’ll enjoy yourself immensely and might even get to The Crown before I do! Happy reading, glitterbugs!

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