The Moon and the Hunt: Ophelia Wells Langley *Review*

Cover image of The Moon and the Hunt by Ophelia Wells Langley is in the centre of an image of a blood red sky. Added text: Can Adeline and Rolf see past their enmity and rekindle their love?

Genres: Paranormal Fantasy, Fantasy Romance, Fantasy | Release Date: 20 October 2023 | Series: Bound by Blood (a collection of standalone fantasy romances) | Pages: 102 | Indie Author | Review

“As soon as she took some of his blood, she would know everything.”

Ophelia Wells Langley


A huge thank you goes to Ophelia Wells Langley, for letting me read an ARC of The Moon and the Hunt! This is a fast paced fantasy romance novella, and I am here to tell you it is a *spicy* delight. But you probably also want to hear an actual overview of the story, am I right? Never fear glitterbugs, I’ve got you covered…

Adeline is an elite assassin, a vampire who has dedicated her life to decimating the ranks of werewolves. But when she is caught in a terrible snowstorm, Adeline has no idea of the secret she’ll find when she enters a stranger’s cabin. Content with his solitary life, Rolf’s determined to send the vampire on her way as soon as possible. But is there something there, brewing between them? Why does she seem familiar, when he has no memory of his past? And what happens when they decide love is worth fighting for, even against Adeline’s bloodthirsty coven?

Cover image of The Moon and the Hunt by Ophelia Wells Langley is to the bottom left of an image of a blood red background. Added text: Adeline and Rolf are meant to kill each other... But can they defeat the coven coming for them instead?
The Moon and the Hunt is a fast paced fantasy romance delight!

Happiness Boost:

The Moon and the Hunt is a novella which completely thrilled me with its fast pace, intriguing plot and undying love. Sometimes novellas can feel like there’s so much left unsaid, but Ophelia (thankfully) doesn’t do this to us! She effortlessly threads the tale together with memories, heartache and danger. We aren’t left guessing what’s happened before the story’s events, and the resolution is incredibly satisfying! You probably want to know what I mean about that last part but *nope*, I’m not giving away spoilers!

Ophelia has such a way with words, because I honestly felt like I was Adeline as she stumbled through the snowstorm. I even cringed, when a rabbit’s life force is taken. And holy guacamole readers, there is *spice* in this novella! How Ophelia packs so much into this short fantasy romance, I really don’t know. But I am certainly grateful!

Memories, even hidden ones, are powerful. They have a magic in their own right. Within The Moon and the Hunt, they are the foundation for everything. It’s been a long time since I read a story which uses this to such great effect! Adeline and Rolf’s memories completely drew me in, and my heart was both sore and elated with every new reveal.


For those who want to have a slow burn, or a sedate story which eventually builds up speed? The Moon and the Hunt won’t be for you. But for the readers who are desperate for a spicy fantasy romance novella, with the tempo of a raging river? You’re in for a treat!

Final Thoughts:

The Moon and the Hunt by indie author Ophelia Wells Langley is a wonderful fantasy romance novella, full of spicy paranormal goodness! It’s honestly the perfect escape for when life gets to be too chaotic, and is practically a paranormal Romeo and Juliet. So what’s not to love, right?! If this review has intrigued you, just click on the link below to order yourself a copy! Happy reading, glitterbugs!

You can order The Moon and the Hunt via this link: Amazon

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