The Queen of War: Alex Linwood *Review*

The Queen of War by Alex Linwood cover is to the left side of an image of a wheat field, and a bright sun. Colours are autumnal: muted browns and orange. Added text says: Valentina has escaped her tower... But that doesn't mean she's safe, closer to the Emperor.

Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy, YA Fantasy | Release Date: 21 June 2022 | Series: The Goddess of Destiny | Series Book: #1 | Pages: 275 | Publisher: Greenlees Publishing | Review

“The gods have cursed her. If she continues to live, the danger will befall us all.”

Alex Linwood


The Queen of War by Alex Linwood was generously supplied to me by the author and Book Sirens, and it’s an exciting fantasy featuring gods, magic, and the perils of power! I completely fell in love with it, but let me give you an overview, before I tell you why…

Valentina has been locked away in a tower for three years. When her old nurse helps her escape, Valentina doesn’t even know where she’s running to. Valentina eventually finds refuge at the school Stanasbrisson (the Stables), but her troubles are just beginning… Rich and powerful students want her to fail, the Emperor has taken an interest in her magic, and King Elgar of Cerceion is sending soldiers to the school to kill her. The King believes the gods have cursed her, and that if she isn’t killed, Valentina could start a war that would engulf everyone. Can Valentina prove her worth as a student? Being threatened with death is no small thing…

Cover of The Queen of War by Alex Linwood is in the centre of the image of a blurry yellow wheat field. Added text says:  A King wants Valentina dead, and the royal students are plotting her downfall...
Alex Linwood’s The Queen of War is an invigorating read of fantasy, mythology and magic.

Happiness Boost:

I have absolutely *loved* The Queen of War, for oh so many reasons. Alex sprinkles pockets of information in just the right places, allowing for some very interesting revelations! In fact there is so much packed into this book, I was racing through it because I couldn’t leave it alone. And if that’s not a good sign, I don’t know what is!

I’m a huge fan of stories that feature a school of magic. I think a lot of us fantasy readers are, aren’t we? And the lessons Valentina has to learn are ones I actually wouldn’t mind trying my hand at, even if I’m clumsy enough that I’d hurt myself with the practice swords. No pain no gain, right?

I also really enjoyed the fact that the villains come in different forms; yes there’s the ‘big bad’ of a King wanting Valentina dead, but there are also royal students at the Stables who are plotting Valentina’s downfall. It isn’t just a singular evil, which I found incredibly compelling. Plus who doesn’t want to see a bully get their comeuppance? There’s a moment in The Queen of War, in which Valentina gets the better of her main adversary at school. I was cheering and fist pumping, because it felt *so* good to read it!


None at all! NONE. The Queen of War is a sublime fantasy; infused with deities and magic, it entices a reader to continue reading until the very last page.

Final Thoughts:

The Queen of War by Alex Linwood is a magical and thoroughly absorbing fantasy, featuring a young heroine and a ragtag bunch of friends. I have a very good feeling that this tale will be loved by many readers, especially those who’ve loved stories by authors like Tamora Pierce and Livia Blackburne. If you get a thrill from adventures, mythology and magic? You cannot go wrong with The Queen of War, I promise you! In fact I’ll be ordering a physical copy asap, because I loved it that much. Happy reading, glitterbugs!

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