The Ruins of the Heartless Fae: Maham Fatemi *Review*

Cover image of The Ruins of the Heartless Fae by Maham Fatemi is in the centre of a woodland forest image with mushrooms and leaves. Added text: Kolfinna has been hunted her whole life for being a fae...

Genres: YA Fantasy, Fantasy Romance, Fantasy | Release Date: 13 June 2023 | Series: The Heartless and the Wicked | Series Book: #1 | Pages: 429 | Indie Author | Review

“She couldn’t face this foe.”

Maham Fatemi


A huge thank you goes to Book Sirens and the author for letting me read The Ruins of the Heartless Fae, an exceptional YA fantasy romance! This is such a magical and unique story, it’s honestly been an absolute joy to read Maham Fatemi’s tale about Kolfinna’s battle for safety and acceptance.

Kolfinna is a young fae, one of the last of her kind. Her race is nearly extinct after relentless hunting by humans, and she bears terrible scars from a winter soldier on her leg. When Kolfinna’s caught by the Royal Guard, there’s only two options available to her: join them on a deadly mission or die. But the mission is to excavate an ancient fae ruin, and no one has ever returned from the cursed place. Can Kolfinna survive the place of her ancestors? Or will her travelling companions, including the winter soldier Blár Vilulf, murder her before she even makes it there? Ancient magic awaits, and everything hinges on Kolfinna… Is it possible to find redemption within the old castle walls?

Cover image of The Ruins of the Heartless Fae by Maham Fatemi is to the bottom left of an image of a forest covered in purple flowers. Added text: A deadly mission would guarantee Kolfinna's safety... But can she even survive her travelling companions?
The Ruins of the Heartless Fae is a must read of 2023 for anyone who like YA fantasy!

Happiness Boost:

Oh glitterbugs you are in for one the most thrilling reads of 2023 with this YA fantasy slow-burn romance! The action in this is *so* intense and there’s a truly daunting amount of monsters and traps within the ancient fae ruins. I was so intent on turning pages I lost track of time, and that’s got to be a happiness boost for sure! What can I tell you, it’s like The Lord of the Rings meets Fablehaven, with a dash of Throne of Glass for good measure.

Hands up who likes complicated characters?! I do! And Blár is their poster child. We want to hate him, because he hurt Kolfinna so badly (both physically and mentally). But this icy soldier is like an aloof cat, spitting and hissing at the world, only to turn around and be a relative snuggle bunny for the right person. You can’t get a better enemies to lovers vibe than this! I devoured every single speck of this complex relationship.

Maham has created one of the most powerful tales I’ve ever read, in terms of the emotion I felt. Reading The Ruins of the Heartless Fae, I have laughed, cried and even wanted to throw the book (aka my Kindle) at the wall at one point. Loyalties are tested, betrayals occur, and friendships are forged in the brewing storm within the ancient fae ruins. You *have* to read this story. You just have to!


I now have to wait for book two; that’s my only downside. When a story is this good it’s incredibly hard to be patient, but I’ll try my best!

Final Thoughts:

The Ruins of the Heartless Fae by indie author Maham Fatemi is a must read YA fantasy, full of epic battles and complicated relationships. It has been an absolute delight to read this tale, and I am already aching for more from this author! I want *everything*. That’s not too greedy, right? Love what you’ve heard from my review? Just click on any of the links below to order a copy of this beauty! Happy reading, glitterbugs!

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