The Starlite Heist: Ember Holt *Review*

Cover image of The Starlite Heist by Ember Holt is in the centre of a watercolour image of a night time forest. Added text: Maeve must carefully navigate the Fae world as she tracks down stolen shipments from the Starlite track...

Genres: NA Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Fantasy | Release Date: 18 July 2023 | Series: Fae Prison: Earth | Series Book: #2 | Pages: 473 | Indie Author | Review

“You’re too bright to be held in this darkness, Mae.”

Ember Holt


A huge thank you goes to indie author Ember Holt for letting me read an e-ARC of The Starlite Heist, the urban NA fantasy sequel to The Chimera Bounty! I really loved the first book in this series, but Ember completely ramps up the emotion and danger in this one! So let’s give you a quick overview, before I start throwing praise around like sparkly confetti…

Maeve and Corvin are on a mission to track down a number of stolen shipments, critical to what their High Court patron Brigid is trying to accomplish in Verance. However, Maeve soon starts feeling confined in her role, as Corvin refuses to let the phoenix shapeshifter learn anything about Fae culture. Even worse, Corvin starts acting in a way that is sending red flags to Maeve’s heart, as well as the people around her… And when Dante, their point of contact, tries to give Maeve a taste of freedom? Everything falls apart. Is Maeve actually safe with Corvin any more? Why are the stolen shipments so important to Brigid? And what happens when magic starts tearing Maeve apart from the inside?

Cover image of The Starlite Heist by Ember Holt is to the bottom left of a watercolour image of a starry blue background, with a touch of yellow. Added text: Can Maeve find her way through this investigation, despite Corvin? And what happens when magic starts to tear Maeve apart?
I’m so in love with The Starlite Heist, and you will be too if you love a steamy urban NA fantasy!

Happiness Boost:

Ember has given some beloved characters extra depth within The Starlite Heist, and you know how people like to say growth is never easy? Well, it’s true! Maeve is desperate to learn about the Fae world around her, but Corvin’s domineering ways hold her back. Within this urban fantasy, our favourite bonded couple experience a *lot* of growing pains, and it’s so difficult to be okay with it! But that’s the great thing: Ember doesn’t give us a smooth journey, and it’s refreshing to experience it to this degree. Did my heart hurt? You bet it did! But it’s a definite happiness boost, because I *want* this kind of realism. And Maeve’s journey certainly delivers!

This beautiful urban NA fantasy drags us deeper into the political system of the Fae world, and the terrible consequences which can occur when magic is left unchecked. Combine that with a heist of epic proportions? As well as some sassy banter? I was absolutely riveted from start to finish as Maeve navigates this dangerous new adventure. Truthfully, I read this book in one day. I couldn’t put it down, even if I tried!

Shall we talk tropes? There’s enemies to lovers, forced proximity, found family, as well as touch her and I’ll unalive you… But really, the list could go on because these are just my favourites! So do you love steamy romantasy? Magic? Fae? How about a tantalising mystery and the threat of danger? If any of this sounds like it’s just what you’re after, look no further! I am *hooked* on this Fae Prison: Earth series.


I will note there’s a slight cliffhanger, so The Starlite Heist left me buzzing for more… But in my eyes? That’s not a downside!

Final Thoughts:

The Starlite Heist by indie author Ember Holt is an urban NA fantasy full of magic, danger and a phoenix trying to break free. How could anyone go past this tale?! I am so in love with Ember’s writing, and the characters within this series. I want more, as soon as possible! If you love the sound of this story from my review? Just click on the link below to pre-order a copy! Happy reading, glitterbugs!

You can pre-order The Starlite Heist via this link: Amazon

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