The Stricken: Morgan Shamy *Review*

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Genres: YA Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Fantasy | Release Date: 5 March 2024 | Standalone | Pages: 570 | Publisher: CamCat Books | Review

“I wasn’t alone. Death was with me.”

Morgan Shamy


The Stricken by Morgan Shamy has just been begging to be read for a while, so did this YA dark fantasy become an instant love when I dived in? Yes, yes it did! So much so that when there was an opportunity to get a signed copy from the author? I couldn’t resist putting my hand up to ask how much international shipping would be (and clearly, it was worth it). But let’s give you an overview before I fangirl much more, shall we?

Every day, a terrible storm envelops Clara’s town. And for anyone who is caught in this darkness? They lose their memories. But when Clara doesn’t forget, the Diviners attempt to capture her so they can feed off her memories. Yet just as Clara escapes to Khalom, she discovers that she’s been living in a parallel world. And it turns out that she’s a Noble, someone who should be able to see both worlds and wander between the two. So why can’t Clara remember anything about her other life? And how can she control the blooming power of Death, which is aching to be let out on anyone who gets in her path? When the Diviners infiltrate the city, it’s up to Clara to save everyone. Because if she doesn’t? Nobody will be safe.

Hardcover of The Stricken by Morgan Shamy is on a white bookshelf, in front of tales by A. K. Mulford and Miranda Lyn. A blue and grey Viking polymer clay dragon by Dirty Paws Australia is to the left of the book.
Parallel worlds, terrifying enemies and a gritty heroine?
This book is both Anne and dragon approved (thanks Dirty Paws Australia)!

Happiness Boost:

Seriously, where do I even begin? The Stricken is a twisting, writhing beast of a YA fantasy tale and has the sharp claws of a dragon. This book is not a story you can easily put down, because once you start? There’s no stopping until you hit that last page! From beginning to end, Morgan immerses us in a world fraught with danger and suspense. You know it’s a good story when I’m a little sad it’s a standalone!

I love the fact that within The Stricken, you’re never too sure who the real allies are. And just as Clara must unravel her suppressed memories, the reader must untangle the politics and powers which form this realm. Although I felt bad for Clara not knowing everything about herself, I actually love that Morgan gave us this. It’s such a wonderful way to draw readers into a story, and when Clara’s surprised by things? We are too! Sometimes authors give us revelations and it feels too commonplace. But that doesn’t happen in The Stricken!

Excuse me, but this YA dark fantasy seriously just dropped bombshell after bombshell. The history of this world is nothing short of extraordinary, and the way that it directly impacts Clara? I did *not* see that coming. And with the desperate fight to try and save everyone from the deadly Diviners? Holy guacamole, glitterbugs. This is jam-packed with action, heart and the hardest of choices. I adore this book.


The Stricken gives us so much, how could it have a downside?!

Final Thoughts:

The Stricken by Morgan Shamy is a YA dark fantasy featuring parallel worlds, terrible powers and a devouring darkness. If you want to venture into a world of peril and choices that will make your heart ache? This is the tale for you. Love what you’ve heard from my review? Just click on any of the links below to order a copy of this beauty! Happy reading, glitterbugs!

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