The Twisted Ones: T. Kingfisher *Review*

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Genres: Gothic, Thriller, Contemporary Fiction | Release Date: 17 March 2020 | Standalone | Pages: 294 | Publisher: Titan Books | Review

“You have trespassed into deep places, and the only way out is deeper still.”

T. Kingfisher


T. Kingfisher’s The Twisted Ones is a gripping contemporary gothic fiction, full of a building suspense and horrific evil. Is it weird to have loved it for the monsters that lurk within? Either way, I had a feeling from reading the dark fantasy Nettle and Bone that I was in good hands with Kingfisher’s writing, and I was right!

Mouse is taking on the task of cleaning out her dead grandmother’s house, as a favour to her unwell dad. But it’s a pretty huge job, because the house is bursting at the seams with rubbish and junk. Everything seems straightforward, albeit unpleasant, until she finds her step-grandfather’s journal. And then things that shouldn’t be in the real world, appear in the woods and around the house. Is it possible her step-grandfather wasn’t rambling nonsense? Is Mouse losing her grip on reality? When things start hunting Mouse and her dog, she must learn how to defend herself… Or die trying.

A paperback copy of The Twisted Ones by T. Kingfisher is on a white bookshelf, in front of tales by Kate Forsyth. A Halloween pumpkin polymer clay dragon by Dirty Paws Australia is to the right of The Twisted Ones.
Seriously gripping and a tad disturbing, The Twisted Ones by T. Kingfisher is such a page turner!
The pumpkin dragon by Dirty Paws Australia was my guardian for this twisted journey…

Happiness Boost:

A heroine with a goofy dog? Yes please! Kingfisher lays the foundation for a strong bond between Mouse and Bongo, and then shows us all of the ways this bond could be broken… Because the twisted ones are hunting Mouse, and will do anything to stop her from leaving the area. Seriously, Kingfisher is a pro at giving us likeable and intense characters, for whom we would dive into the darkness without hesitation.

The plot of The Twisted Ones is intense, and it’s like a rope tightening about our wrist, dragging us deeper into the horrific *other* which seems to be everywhere Mouse turns. Because of the contemporary setting, I had to laugh when Mouse tries to tell herself how geography and maps could be wrong, and that the locals would know of a random mountain popping up in the woods. Determined (but doomed) ignorance is a thing, glitterbugs!

Let’s talk about the effigies, shall we? There are some *very* creepy beasties within The Twisted Ones, and I can promise it will give a reader chills! That’s got to be a happiness boost, because a gothic thriller needs to bring out the fear in our hearts. Kingfisher is constantly turning up the pressure and the horror, and I love that!


Although I didn’t love it as much as the previous book I’d read by Kingfisher, that’s more than likely to do with the fantasy vs. contemporary genres. This is a *very* good read, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself!

Final Thoughts:

The Twisted Ones by T. Kingfisher is an enthralling and deadly gothic tale, full of horrors and a rising suspense. If you’re after a contemporary fiction with creepy monsters and a scrappy old lady as a sidekick? Or a tale about a girl and her dog, with macabre twists and turns on every page? This is the book for you! So, if you love the sound of this story from my review? You can click on any of the links below and get your own copy! Happy reading, glitterbugs!

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