The Unbound Witch: Miranda Lyn *Review*

Cover image of The Unbound Witch by Miranda Lyn is in the centre of a spooky, dark image of a forest. Added text: Raven is bound to her grief, but the coven leaders are hunting the Grimoires... Can she stop them in time?

Genres: NA Fantasy, Fantasy Romance, Fantasy | Release Date: 21 March 2023 | Series: Unmarked | Series Book: #2 | Pages: 458 | Indie Author | Review

“There’s nowhere you can run that I will not find you.”

Miranda Lyn


Buckle up buttercups, because The Unbound Witch by indie author Miranda Lyn has arrived! This exceptional conclusion to the Unmarked NA fantasy romance duology gave me so much more than I ever could’ve expected. And honestly? This beautiful tale is going to stay within my heart for quite a long time…

Raven is broken, bound by her grief for killing the Dark King. Caught in this maelstrom of emotions, even Kirsi can’t help Raven find her way out of it… Although Kirsi has problems of her own, having come back as a wraith. Stranded in the human lands with Grey, Bastian’s cousin, it’s only a matter of time before their homeland is broken beyond repair. The coven leaders want the Grimoires, and the Dark King’s magic is no longer a barrier. But if magic is cast within the vicinity of two Grimoires, catastrophe will be unleashed… Can a witch and a wraith save a broken world? Is it even possible to battle the coven leaders and win? Or will Raven fall in the oncoming war?

Cover image of The Unbound Witch by Miranda Lyn to the bottom left of an image of a spooky forest in mist and shadow. Added text: Can a witch and a wraith save a broken world? Or will the coven leaders end everything Raven holds dear?
The Unbound Witch is an absolutely thrilling NA fantasy romance!

Happiness Boost:

The Unbound Witch is a truly emotional journey, full of grief, courage and downright terrifying moments. I’m talking heart in your throat, soul crushing events which will see any reader frantically turn the pages for answers. Was I hovering on the edge of my seat? Yes. And if I’m being completely honest, I was like that from the very first page to the last. Even the lulls in the story are strategically placed for the biggest impact. How could that not be a happiness boost?!

I know I talked friendship goals in the first book’s review (which you can check out here), but The Unbound Witch went above and beyond. The cast of characters are expanded, and we get some of the best banter in this NA fantasy! I actually think my favourite duo became Kirsi and Atlas (aka, Ghosty and Pup)… Trust me, you’ll understand when you read it. You’re in the best of hands here, with Miranda’s writing!

This fantasy romance has it all, but one of the other things I’ve loved most about it? Romantic partners (no spoilers here, folks) really do listen to each other. Have you ever read those books, when people just do their own thing and don’t trust their partner? How frustrating are they?! Thankfully, Miranda’s characters aren’t like that at all. Although they don’t always like certain ideas, that doesn’t mean everything falls apart. And I’m so, so happy The Unbound Witch highlights the strengths of a real partnership.


No downside! A short and sweet answer, but it’s the truth for me!

Final Thoughts:

The Unbound Witch by indie author Miranda Lyn is an exceptional NA fantasy romance, and the perfect sequel to The Unmarked Witch. I am blown away by how much this story delivered, especially as I had such high expectations! Miranda delivered on every single hope I had and then some. So, do me a favour? If you like the sound of this tale from my review, go buy it now!! And because I’m helpful, you can click on any of the links below to order a copy! Happy reading, glitterbugs!

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