The Wizard’s Mark: Janette Rallison *Review*

Cover image of The Wizard's mark by Janette Rallison is in the centre image of a moody gothic scene. Added text: The renegades want Marcella to do what no one else can...

Genres: Fantasy, Cosy Fantasy, Romantic Fantasy | Release Date: 15 March 2024 | Standalone | Pages: 359 | Indie Author | Review

“Death was such an unpleasant thing to consider.”

Janette Rallison


A huge thank you goes to Book Sirens and Janette Rallison for letting me read a copy of The Wizard’s Mark! This cosy romantic fantasy has been such an entertaining read, I’ve been utterly charmed by the unique world of wizards and assassins within its pages. But let’s give you an overview!

Growing up a serving girl in the wizards’ castle, Marcella never meant to fall in love with the young apprentice named Ronan. He couldn’t give her a future, and wouldn’t curtail his ambition to create something more for them… Time passed, but you never forget your first love. The only trouble? Marcella’s work as a thief for the renegades is going to put her in Ronan’s path once again. And this time, they’ll be enemies. Can Marcella go through with a plan to end slavery in the kingdom? How can she face off against the king and his wizards, knowing Ronan is there? And in a land where only men are wizards, how long can she keep her own magic a secret?

Cover image of The Wizard's Mark by Janette Rallison is to the bottom left of a dark image of a cauldron and miscellaneous gothic-like paraphernalia. Added text: If Marcella succeeds in her mission, her first love will die... Can she say the final goodbye to Ronan?
A cosy fantasy full of secrets and devious plots… Yes, please!

Happiness Boost:

The Wizard’s Mark features a delightful mix of old society and dark magic within its pages, creating the perfect story! Yes there are dark elements in this cosy fantasy, but the vivid imagery and pure heart of Marcella gives the reader every opportunity to sink into this kingdom without being overwhelmed. And can we talk about the mystery surrounding who is good and who is evil? This is *such* a good read, glitterbugs!

I love an FMC who has to find her own way in the world, beating the patriarchal society as she goes along. Marcella defied the wizards by learning to read when she was younger, and she doesn’t stop there. Magic? Thievery? Infiltrating the king’s castle? No problem. Now let’s be honest, who wouldn’t love that?!

Our beloved Ronan is a character you can’t be sure of until the very last minute – is he good or is he evil? What makes this wizard tick? If you’re after an MC who will keep you guessing, this is the book for you! Did I want to hate him for leaving Marcella behind and never looking back? Absolutely. But was I cheering for more as soon as he appeared again, when Marcella arrives to defeat the king? Of course I was! Who wouldn’t?!


I don’t have a downside, I just wish there were more stories with this duo to come!

Final Thoughts:

The Wizard’s Mark by indie author Janette Rallison is a beautiful cosy fantasy featuring wizards, devious plots and a second chance at love. If you want a sweet romantasy, you really need to add this to your TBR. It’s been a wonderful read and you can bet I’ll be looking at more of this author’s work! Love what you’ve heard from my review? Just click on the link below to grab a copy of The Wizard’s Mark! Happy reading, glitterbugs!

You can order The Wizard’s Mark via this link: Amazon

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