These Grimm Fates: K. E. Barden *Review*

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Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy, YA Fantasy | Release Date: 15 March 2022 | Series: Finding Ever After | Series Book: #2 | Pages: 425 | Indie Author | Review

Death isn’t the worst thing that could happen to you.”

K. E. Barden


These Grimm Fates by K. E. Barden has been calling to me ever since I read the previous book in the series, The Gilded Mirror!* When a story like this one comes along, featuring fairytale goodness and a suffocatingly dark, insidious power? You can bet I’m going to read it asap, especially as this indie author is quickly becoming a favourite of mine!

In this second instalment of Finding Ever After, Eve doesn’t know what her next step should be. Does she follow Hansel into the heart of the rebellion against the Queen? Or is she destined for another path, far removed from any outside help? The group which came together in The Gilded Mirror has now shattered, with everyone scattering to different parts of the realm to bring about Queen Myrenna’s downfall. But a prophecy could be the answer to everything, and Eve is the key…

Paperback copy of These Grimm Fates by K. E. Barden is on a white bookshelf, in front of the previous book in the series and books by Jaymin Eve and Jennifer Fallon. A purple and white polymer clay dragon by Dirty Paws Australia is laying down all curled up in front of the book.
These Grimm Fates becomes a darker, more insidious journey within a fairytale landscape…
The beautiful dragon by Dirty Paws Australia was right at home!

Happiness Boost:

In These Grimm Fates, there’s a number of moments which flip the fairytales on their head. And Eve’s journey highlights that even the heroes aren’t always ‘good’… Snow actually proves my point on this, but not in the way you might think. We’re used to Snow White being a sweet, thoughtful young woman, right? We don’t get that here. Instead, this Snow is used to being the focal point wherever she goes, but particularly with Hansel’s attention. Now with Eve taking that place, Barden highlights that even these good characters can become like a bear with a sore head! I’m actually really glad that we get these differences, and given a depth to characters who often risk being two-dimensional.

It is *not* easy to write of a large number of characters, especially when they’re all in different places. But it seems almost effortless, within These Grimm Fates! I wasn’t left wondering who was who, or where we’d left off with each respective character. Instead, Barden blends their stories into one cohesive plot here and just draws the noose tighter as the story goes on. I am over the moon with how well this story was written, but especially when it comes to dealing with multiple POVs!

Sometimes I wonder if the enchanted mirror actually likes the Queen… It dealt a few snarky blows to both her and the Tinker, which I thoroughly enjoyed! But aside from that, the swirling layers of truths and lies concerning the Sisters Grimm and Fairy Godmother also have a deeper, darker history than I could have ever imagined. Combined with glimpses into the Queen’s earlier life (which leaves the reader both horrified and unwillingly fascinated), we are never, ever settled into who has the right narrative. That has to be a happiness boost!


No downside! I just wish I had the next tale in my TBR fort!

Final Thoughts:

These Grimm Fates by indie author K. E. Barden is a fascinating and perilous YA fantasy journey into faerie. With changelings, dwarves and fairytale heroines all making an appearance in this second instalment of Finding Ever After, there’s so much to love! If you enjoy a fantasy of dangerous and evil queens, troubled heroines and tortured souls? This story is for you! Love what you’ve read of my review? Make sure to get yourself a copy of These Grimm Fates via the links below! Happy reading, glitterbugs!

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* Missed my review of the first book? You can read it here!

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    1. It has been a great read! I love that my sister spotted this series and got it for me, she knows how to spot some awesome stories! ♥

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