This Wicked Bond: Amanda Aggie *Review*

Cover image of This Wicked Bond by Amanda Aggie is in the centre of an image of a forest with white flowers and a sunset. Added text: Calamity is determined to bring down the King of Monsters...

Genres: NA Fantasy, Fantasy Romance, Dark Fantasy | Release Date: 26 December 2023 | Series: Realm of Monsters | Series Book: #3 | Pages: 389 | Indie Author | Review

“I’m the daughter of a monster.”

Amanda Aggie


Although I’m a huge fan of the previous books in this series of standalones, This Wicked Bond by indie author Amanda Aggie has just become my new favourite!* This NA fantasy romance is full of twists and turns, as well as a *very* delightful morally grey dragon shifter. Want to know more? Of course you do! So let’s give you an overview…

Calamity knows no other world than the room of her imprisonment, having lived her entire life in a dungeon. In fact, the only time she’s ever walked the halls of the castle is when her father, the King of Solaria, needs her magic to prolong his life. But when Calamity attempts to bring down the King of Monsters and fails, she’s forced to flee into the unknown. Although she’s met by a shifter thief who owes a life debt to a friend, Calamity knows she can’t trust anyone. Can Loric prove himself to this forgotten princess, or is his hatred of the king too strong? What secret is hidden within Calamity’s heritage? And what happens when they must enter a realm of certain death?

Cover image of This Wicked Bond by Amanda Aggie is to the bottom left of an image of faded autumn leaves. Added text: The princess has only ever been a prisoner... Can she gain permanent freedom from her father, or will she die trying?
This fantasy romance has it all: spice, humour and a showdown between good & evil…

Happiness Boost:

First up, let’s talk tropes! Because in This Wicked Bond? We get enemies to lovers, fated mates and only one bed. But they’re not the only delicious goodies awaiting readers in this NA fantasy romance! I won’t give away everything, but suffice to say… If you want a joyous and dangerous romantasy read? Amanda Aggie has to be one of your auto-buy authors! She knows how to create magic with words, and I’m completely in love with Calamity’s story.

Loric calls the princess ‘Chaos’ and I think we can all agree being clumsy is relatable, right? But our FMC is also scrappy and stubborn, determined to do her best and help bring down evil. Her natural duality is such a wonderful thing to witness! Calamity’s magical ability to kill or create life is a huge power, and when she becomes furious? I’m in awe of her skills, as well as her protective instincts. No pressure or anything Amanda, but this princess will be hard to beat as my favourite!

It might be a weird happiness boost, but The Poison Ducky? I laughed so hard I startled my cat. He wasn’t impressed, but that’s beside the point! Every single time there’s a new release with the Realm of Monsters series, I know I’m in for a good time. Because not only does Amanda create a dark and dangerous journey for us to tread, but she sprinkles it with humour. How could that not be a happiness boost?!


I have no downside, I’m just fangirling over here!

Final Thoughts:

This Wicked Bond by indie author Amanda Aggie is a delightful NA fantasy romance featuring a scrappy FMC, shifters, and a terrible evil. I wish I could already read the next book, if I’m being completely honest! But until then? I’ll just fangirl to my heart’s content over here. And tell everyone and anyone that they need this book! Enjoy what you’ve heard from my review? Just click on the link below to order yourself a copy! Happy reading, glitterbugs!

You can order This Wicked Bond via this link: Amazon

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