This Wicked Curse: Amanda Aggie *Review*

Cover image of This Wicked Curse by Amanda Aggie is in the centre of an image of a pirate ship on the sea. Added text: Will Scarlet survive when Sebastian learns she's a witch?

Genres: NA Fantasy, Fantasy Romance, Dark Fantasy | Release Date: 31 August 2023 | Series: Realm of Monsters | Series Book: #2 | Pages: 563 | Indie Author | Review

“This is it. This is how I lose the other half of my soul.”

Amanda Aggie


This Wicked Curse by indie author Amanda Aggie has been looking at me from the TBR pile, ever since I finished This Wicked Fate. And let me tell you, once I dived in? This NA fantasy romance did *not* disappoint! In fact, I love this tale even more than the first one in the Realm of Monsters series of standalones!* So without further ado, let’s give you an overview…

Princess Scarlet has always known her life is likely to end on her wedding day. With the decree of the gauntlet to fulfil, Scarlet could easily be killed by whomever wins the deadly tournament. But when a man offers her a way out if she helps him during the gauntlet, Scarlet places her trust in this stranger. After all, what does she have to lose? Little did she know that she’s just made a deal with a soulless pirate, the infamous Sebastian Hook. And he hates nothing more than witches… Can Scarlet reveal her powers and survive? Will Sebastian ever find his shadow, Pan? If the princess and the pirate can’t come to some understanding, all will be lost. Including the Jolly Roger, their ticket to freedom.

Cover image of This Wicked Curse by Amanda Aggie is to the bottom left of an image of a map, compass, magnifying glass and misc. pirate treasure on a table. Added text: Sebastian is on a quest to find his shadow... But will learning Scarlet's secret change everything?
I’m completely in love with Amanda Aggie’s writing, just so you know…

Happiness Boost:

This Wicked Curse has been an absolute joy to read, because not only do we get the best trope ever of enemies to lovers, but we *also* get a reimagining of Peter Pan with Sebastian’s journey to locate his shadow! You want even more than that? Where do I even begin to lure you in… Pirates. Witches. Mermaids. And yes, there’s Shadow Daddy vibes. You know you’re intrigued!

Amanda may have sprinkled more humour within the previous tale in her Realm of Monsters series, but even within this instalment I’ve been giggling away! Sebastian and Scarlet make for such a wonderful duo, with their golden hearts and exceptional sass and sarcasm. Triple threat, am I right?! But seriously, I love how Amanda creates these flawed and troubled characters. The journey they go on together in order to find common ground is made even better because they’re imperfect.

The world of This Wicked Curse is vast, and is not only filled with magical creatures, but incredible vistas too. Yes, I can see them with crystal clear vision in my mind. I honestly defy anyone to say otherwise after reading this NA fantasy romance! Although I have a feeling we’re only scratching the surface of what Amanda has planned for this series, I’m already in love. And just to highlight how serious my love is, I’m planning on getting these books in physical form… Which is a huge compliment, considering how this house is running out of room for more books! But some tales are worth the implosion. And This Wicked Curse and its predecessor are *definitely* in that category.


None! Go, go, go if you love pirates, witches and a deliciously steamy fantasy romance!

Final Thoughts:

This Wicked Curse by indie author Amanda Aggie is an enthralling NA fantasy romance, full of pirates, magic and a troubled love. If you love this genre, you *cannot* go past this tale! Trust me, it’s a must buy. Enjoy what you’ve heard from my review? Just click on the link below to order yourself a copy! Happy reading, glitterbugs!

You can order This Wicked Curse via this link: Amazon

* I will note that This Wicked Curse predates what happens in This Wicked Fate, so please don’t think you need to have read that book before diving into this one!

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