To Dream of White & Gold: R. K. Hart *Review*

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Genres: Young Adult, Epic Fantasy, YA Fantasy | Release Date: 21 August 2020 | Series: Death Dreamer Legacy | Series Book: #1 | Pages: 504 | Indie Author | Review

“O, what choices we are given; which fates shall we resist?”

R. K. Hart


To Dream of White & Gold by R. K. Hart is a fantasy that spoke to me on so many levels, leaving me both enchanted and a little heartsore. I’m letting you know right now, this book review is essentially going to be my love letter to TDoW&G. But first? Let me give you an overview…

Lyda d’Cathan is a young woman, who has just been told she has inherited a gift from her deceased mother (Siva). That gift is magic, and it’s something her sister Maya didn’t inherit. Being told that she could inadvertently hurt those whom she loves most if she stays, Lyda must go to the Illarum to learn control. Once there, they all discover that Lyda actually has a magic not seen for an age, and she’s the last of her kind. Lyda must search for answers, travelling ever further away from home while in the company of other gifted users. Can Lyda learn to control being a dreamer? What price will Lyda’s magic demand of her?

Paperback of To Dream of White & Gold by R. K. Hart is on a white bookshelf, in front of books by Jennifer Fallon and Jaymin Eve. A periwinkle coloured frosty Viking dragon by Dirty Paws Australia sits to the right of the book.
To Dream of White & Gold hits the heart and leaves me irrevocably in love with it…
A frosty Viking dragon by Dirty Paws Australia complements it perfectly.

Happiness Boost:

The family dynamic is a massive happiness boost for me. It has laid the foundation for everything, and the love is immense. R. K. Hart has written this story with such an unshakeable, palpable thread of connections and love, that it actually made a couple of the pages regarding Siva’s death hard to read for me. Unknowingly, Rebekka touched the emotions and memories I had of my own Mum, and I had to stop reading for a while because I couldn’t see the words through the tears. But that *is* a happiness boost. Because when authors can make you crumple like that? That’s good writing. In fact, it’s perfection.

The building of the world and the characters that inhabit it are so very real in my mind, I feel like I could reach out and hug Lyda, Lorcan and any number of the others. As we traipsed through the snow with Lyda, I huddled under a blanket for warmth, and the roiling dark storm on the sea made me hunch into myself… But the real tantalising beauty of To Dream of White & Gold, even above this, are the mythologies. I adore myths and legends, and the ones Rebekka has created for us gives me the same thrill as reading Tolkien’s mythologies do. And that is not an easy feat!

The labyrinth of legacies, magic and gold threads that have woven this story together ensure that TDoW&G is one of my all time favourite books. I’ve loved a lot of books… But this story gave me a sense of self and home, and now makes up part of the patchwork quilt of my heart. I haven’t added too many books to the heart like that for a while, but this one needed to be there.


I have no downside! I really only have gratitude that this book was envisioned and created.

Final Thoughts:

To Dream of White & Gold is an epic fantasy that tugs at the heartstrings, and grounds you when you feel lost. The magic this storyline weaves is expansive, but at the heart of it is a young woman searching for answers; Lyda’s search for memories of her mother, along with her desire to do the right thing, both break and mend the heart. I love, *love* R. K. Hart’s writing. And if you love the sound of this story just from what I’ve written? Buy it now. Don’t linger, just go get it. It’s a tale you’ll never forget…

You can order via my Amazon link: To Dream of White & Gold

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