Twisted Treats: Cate Lawley *Review*

Cover of Twisted Treats by Cate Lawley is to the right of the image of a moon and dark clouds. Added text says: The curesed candy sticks have landed Lina in hot water again... This time a demon is on the loose, and Lina holds the key to finding the murderer.

Genres: Cosy Mystery, Paranormal Mystery, Murder Mystery | Release Date: 28 August 2020 | Series: Cursed Candy Mysteries | Series Book: #2 | Pages: 250 | Indie Author | Review

“I was a complete and utter idiot. An idiot who was going to die…”

Cate Lawley


After reading Cutthroat Cupcakes a few weeks ago, I knew I had to read the next book, Twisted Treats, as soon as possible!* Who wouldn’t want to, when it’s filled with sugar, witches, and now even a demon on the loose?

Cate Lawley has once again given us a scrumptious paranormal mystery, and I couldn’t be happier! This time, Lina has to help find out who’s been using the cursed candy sticks that had been stolen from her store; even as she attempts to evade her Great-Aunt Sophia and her talk of training Lina’s magic. It’s all a bit overwhelming, especially now that Bastian tells her two bodies have been found, drained of blood. What that basically means for Lina? There’s a demon on the loose. And Lina once again holds the key to finding the murderer…

Is this going to be a walk in the park? Of course not! But Cate has written these characters with such warmth and fun, I simply settled down with a cup of tea, knowing I was about to be entertained.

Cover of Twisted Treats by Cate Lawley is to the left of an image of Halloween pumpkins that are lit from within. Added text says: Two bodies have been drained of blood, and someone's using Lina's cursed candy to control a demon... Can they track down the murderer? And is this the last of the candy Lina has to worry about?
Twisted Treats is every bit as delicious a cosy paranormal mystery as Cutthroat Cupcakes!

Happiness Boost:

First up in my happiness boosts: Lina’s Great-Aunt Sophia is an absolute hoot. Am I old, to say hoot? Very likely! But oh, she really is. I kept smiling, when I was reading about her. I like when there are eccentric characters in a story, and I have a feeling we’re only just brushing the surface with this lady. What’s coming up in the next book after this (Fatal Fudge) I don’t know, but I really hope there’s more of Great-Aunt Sophia in it.

In Twisted Treats Lina and the others have to step up to the plate (ha, yes, food pun) when things go awry. They can’t solely rely on Bastian giving them directions this time, and I found myself enjoying how Lina, Miles and Sabrina dealt with this added responsibility. I have to admit, I also quietly enjoyed how Lina might freak out over things. We’ve all been there, right? I know I have! I empathised, even as I had a few chuckles over events in this Cursed Candy Mysteries book.

This is a delightful cosy paranormal mystery, and I enjoyed every page of it. Did I guess the murderer? The puppet master of a demon? Nope! This book explores murders, family relationships, and even the game of bocce. I honestly hadn’t a clue what kind of sport bocce was before I read this book, but now I do! It just packs so much into the pages, I was such a speedy little reader with Twisted Treats.


Downside? Will you hate me if I tell you I didn’t have one? Cross my heart, I didn’t!

Final Thoughts:

Twisted Treats wraps us up in whimsy, sugary treats, and a bunch of hilarious antics. In fact I think Cate Lawley is fast becoming a favourite author of mine. Both of the times I have read a book by her, I come away from the novel feeling happier in spirit. And that’s a pretty great feeling!

Lina may be a work in progress with her magic, and her amateur sleuthing is a little erratic, but what a cosy, fun read we get to experience through her adventures. I have the next book, Fatal Fudge, ready to go on my Kindle app… And I can safely say that it will be a pretty fast read too. Why? Because books like these need to be devoured. Yes okay, that was another pun, but c’mon! It’s true! Why slow down when you’re enjoying something so good?!

You can order via my Amazon link: Twisted Treats

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