Valley of Lies: Katt Powers *Review*

Cover image of Valley of Lies by Katt Powers is in the centre of an image of a mountain vista at night, under a starry sky. Added text: Dhani is once again being hunted...

Genres: Fantasy, Epic Fantasy, Steampunk Fantasy | Release Date: 19 November 2023 | Series: Imperial Assassin | Series Book: #2 | Pages: 384 | Indie Author | Review

“Never leave a witness. An assassin never did.”

Katt Powers


When Valley of Lies by indie author Katt Powers popped up as an e-ARC in my email, I wish I could tell you I reacted calmly. But if you want the truth? I shrieked a garbled noise of excitement (startling my cats), and spent way too long admiring the cover before I ever even opened to the first page. Because, dear glitterbugs, this book is an EVENT. And if you haven’t read the first book? *Please* go check out my review for City of Whispers here, before we go any further! You good? Okay. Now it’s time for an overview!

Dhani Karim is still desperate to regain her place as an imperial assassin, but her work as a covert operative beside Parvan Gorshayik is anything but straightforward. Now tasked with retrieving a powerful artefact before it’s unleashed on the world, Parvan’s thirst for vengeance has blindsided him to the pitfalls of their plan. When Dhani is captured and tortured, is this the end of her dreams? And what happens when a common enemy wants to join forces with them? Dhani and Parvan are both outnumbered and overpowered by the magic the thieves wield…. Will they be able to stop a cataclysmic devastation before it’s too late?

Cover image of Valley of Lies by Katt Powers is to the bottom left of an image of a mountain range at sunset under dark clouds. Added text: Will Parvan lead Dhani to her death? Or will they succeed in stealing a powerful artefact?
Valley of Lies has both completely blown my mind & stolen my heart…

Happiness Boost:

Katt has blown my tiny mind. This epic adventure is a perfect mix of fantasy and steampunk factors, and I absolutely *love* it. The world has expanded, and Katt leads us down a twisting, turning path with such a deft and elegant touch. We are blessed, dear glitterbugs, with a tale featuring a harrowing storyline and a realm that just keeps throwing surprise after surprise at the reader. Tell me you wouldn’t leap at such an experience?! I could stay in this world for months, if not longer!

Dhani. Dear, snarky Dhani. I’ve long been a fan of strong heroines, and I don’t mean ‘strong’ as in they always have answers. I mean the heroines who are broken, the ones whom we would forgive if they remained shattered on the floor. But they get back up. They fight, and they don’t ever stop. Dhani may struggle with who she is, when she believes she can’t ever be an assassin again. But her sassy, sarcastic inner self rises to the occasion. And I wish I had a kernel of Dhani within me. I’m just going to say it: this incredible character is one of my all-time favourite heroines, *ever*. Is it a big call? Yes. But I stand by it!

Valley of Lies is all about making hard choices. And if Parvan and Dhani can’t save the realm, who can? There are moments in this epic fantasy which will hurt your heart, it’s just a fact. And I have to tell you, I really admire how Katt twines pain, hope and sheer stubbornness into the heart of this story. But this wouldn’t be a review from yours truly if I didn’t mention the *hint* of a budding relationship between our favourite duo… Oh, Katt. You sneaky lady. I want more. And I wish I could see into your mind, to know what’s coming next!


No downside! Like I said earlier, this is an EVENT. And I’ve loved it with all my heart.

Final Thoughts:

Valley of Lies by indie author Katt Powers is an epic fantasy which will steal your breath, as well as your heart. I cannot fangirl enough about Dhani’s adventures, but what I *can* do? Is tell you that you need this book if you love assassins, powerful magic and a hint of romance! I love it. And I will love it forever, because it’s just *that* good. If you love the sound of this epic steampunk fantasy? Make sure to click a link below and order yourself a copy! Happy reading, glitterbugs!

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