Vice and Verity: Rebecca Camm *Review*

Cover image of Vice and Verity by Rebecca Camm is on an image of a wet and gloomy close up of twigs and webs. Added text: Will Nora survive her past?

Genres: Epic Fantasy, Fantasy | Release Date: 27 June 2024 | Series: The Valmenessian Chronicles | Series Book: #3 | Pages: 453 | Indie Author | Review

“Valmenessia is a prison.”

Rebecca Camm


Excuse me, Rebecca Camm, but you dropped your crown while writing Vice and Verity. Let me just pick that up for you, and place it back on your head where it belongs. Because are. You. Kidding. Me. What did I just read in this epic fantasy finale?! Seriously! WHAT?! How?! I know, I know, there’s too many exclamation points flying about this place, but oh my goodness. This book deserves all of them and more. But let’s give you an overview, shall we?

A curse is now spreading across the land, absorbing and killing the magical population in its path. And as if that wasn’t enough of a problem, the king’s army is on the move, ready to crush any resistance against him. So what happens when Nora decides she must be the one to get to the monarch, and end things once and for all? How can Evelyn trust what’s happening around her, when her memories have been stolen and it hurts to remember? And when August meets up with the Northern Alliance, he has a choice to make: does he help them find a cure for the curse, or does he go after Nora? The world is shattering around them… It will either be the end of the king, or the end of everything.

Cover image of Vice and Verity by Rebecca Camm is on the bottom left of an image of wet twigs and cobwebs. Added text: War is everywhere... Is this the end for Nora and her friends?
Rebecca Camm knows how to wring out every emotion in a reader…

Happiness Boost:

I’m just putting it out there straight away: Rebecca takes great delight in pouring salt into wounds. I have cried over a lot of books recently, but Vice and Verity? This was a ruthless depiction of how tough life can be during war and I am *not* okay over here! I have loved these characters from the very beginning and REBECCA you know what you did. The many things that you did. Do you have any idea how much I was crying yesterday as I finished this fantasy? Obviously that’s a happiness boost, because you want a story to make you feel. And holy guacamole does this book deliver on that!

There’s a number of threads in this glorious tale, and Rebecca is mindful of giving us time with all of the characters we’ve come to love. At no point does this story get overwhelming regarding the plot (just in emotions), and before I knew it I was halfway through the fantasy. And then I was finished. And did I know what to do with myself after I finished crying? Nope! In fact I’m still unsure, if I’m being honest. I want to read this series from the very start again but I’m not sure my heart is brave enough.

I love the feistiness, the sheer doggedness of Nora. This woman has so much to give, and truth be told she wrings out every single scrap of fight she has within her for this conclusion. And August and Evelyn? I’m such a fan of them, what they each have to push through is just so daunting to me and I’m not even the one having to experience it! Rebecca gives us unlikely heroes and imbues Vice and Verity with the powerful themes of love and loss. It’s honestly the perfect finale to The Valmenessian Chronicles. I don’t see how else Rebecca could’ve made it any better than it is.


No downside! Just have tissues within reach when you read this and you’ll be fine. Maybe.

Final Thoughts:

Vice and Verity by indie author Rebecca Camm is such an emotional finale to the epic fantasy series, The Valmenessian Chronicles. It’s going to take some time for me to recover from this one, and truth be told I may have to hide the book for a little bit so I don’t cry when I remember what’s inside. It’s a beautiful, haunting fantasy and I adore it. Love what you’ve heard from my review? Make sure you click on the link below to pre-order a copy of this beauty! Happy reading, glitterbugs!

You can pre-order Vice and Verity via this link: Amazon

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