Vorodin’s Lair: J. V. Hilliard *Review*

Cover image of Vorodin's Lair by J. V. Hilliard is in the centre of a moody blue image of the sea and ice, with a mountain in the background. Added text says: Treachery and heartbreak shadows the companions' footsteps... Can anyone protect what is broken?

Genres: Epic Fantasy, Fantasy | Release Date: 6 September 2022 | Series: The Warminster Series | Series Book: #2 | Pages: 448 | Publisher: Dragon Moon Press | Review

“In order for one’s heart to open, it must first be broken.”

J. V. Hilliard


Vorodin’s Lair by J. V. Hilliard has been calling my name from my Kindle, and I’m so glad I could read it so soon after finishing The Last Keeper!* It’s been wonderful to dive back into epic fantasy again, especially through Hilliard’s wonderful writing.

Within Vorodin’s Lair, the Keeper Daemus is still struggling with visions from Erud. Feeling the weight of the world on his shoulders, Daemus seeks the sorcerer Vorodin for answers. Princess Addilyn joins him on his quest, as the double horned tetrine visit continues to plague her. But treachery abounds, as Graytorris the Mad makes his move. Will any of the Keepers survive his machinations? Can Addilyn defy the Bone elf’s assassination attempts? There are some losses which are too hard to comprehend, and Vorodin’s Lair awaits…

Cover image of Vorodin's Lair by J. V. Hilliard is to the bottom right of an image of a small solitary leaf at the end of twigs against a blue background. Added text says: The world is in disarray and nowhere is safe... Graytorris the Mad has made his move.
Vorodin’s Lair by J. V. Hilliard delivered everything I could ever want (and more) in an epic fantasy!

Happiness Boost:

There is something to be said for perfectly matched arch-enemies; think Drizzt Do’Urden and Artemis Entreri in those early years of R. A. Salvatore’s Drizzt books! Within Vorodin’s Lair, Ritter the trollborn and the Bone elf assassin are even more perfectly matched than what we saw in The Last Keeper. My heart was in my throat with this matchup and I *love* that it was. It’s been a while since I’ve read of this kind of explosive energy, but Hilliard is pulling out all the stops in this series!

There are classic fantasy tropes and intrigue in this epic quest, but in such a way as to feel completely new! Plus, there’s a number of tangled relationships in Vorodin’s Lair, which become even more fractured and twisted as war begins to break out in pockets of the realm. There’s unlikely friendships, grief-stricken families, even forbidden and unrequited love. It makes Hilliard’s story just *so* good.

Vorodin’s Lair builds on the tension and drama of the first book so well, I cannot wait for the next one! How could this not be a happiness boost?! It’s not often that I get so thoroughly and completely sucked in by a new series, but The Warminster Series has certainly accomplished this. And even though I have no bookshelf space, I can tell you that these books need to have a physical presence here. They are brilliant!


At one point, Daemus did irritate me a little. He had his reasons, but it tasted of self-pity and there’s no time for that, young Daemus! The writing itself is superb and completely irreproachable in my eyes.

Final Thoughts:

Vorodin’s Lair by J. V. Hilliard is an epic fantasy of treachery, heartbreak and war. With an ensemble cast of characters, it is a triumph of classic fantasy goodness and harks back to some of my most beloved series. I am telling you right now, if you love epic fantasy you *need* this book. Actually, you need this series! If you like the sound of Vorodin’s Lair from this review, make sure to click a link below and order yourself a copy. Happy reading, glitterbugs!

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* You can read my review of the first book here: The Last Keeper: J. V. Hilliard

2 Responses

  1. Thank you so much for the kind words. Much, much appreciated.

    My voice actor, Victor Bevine said the same thing about Ritter v Entreri, and he does the Salvatore novels too. Cannot be a more humbling comment.

    1. My absolute pleasure, it has been one of the best epic fantasies I’ve read in a long while!

      Your voice actor Victor is completely right, and with a number of us saying it you know it must be true!
      Honestly, thank you for making this such a joy to read. I’ve loved every second of it. ♥

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