War Queen: Nicola Tyche *Review*

Cover image of War Queen by Nicola Tyche is in the centre of an image of a dark sky and moody raging river. Added text: Can Norah reclaim her throne before war is unleashed?

Genres: Romantic Fantasy, NA Fantasy, Epic Fantasy | Release Date: 29 August 2023 | Series: Crowns | Series Book: #3 | Pages: 581 | Indie Author | Review

“If someone wants my crown, they’ll have to pry it from my dead fingers, if they still have a head to wear it.”

Nicola Tyche


I’ve actually had to take some time before reviewing War Queen by indie author Nicola Tyche… Because this epic romantic fantasy simultaneously thrilled me and broke my heart. I was a little incoherent for a while! And truthfully even now, I don’t know if I’ll do this finale justice in my review. But I’m going to try! I will note that if you haven’t read book one and two, you should probably stop reading this and at least check out my review for North Queen.

Norah is now bereft of her Mercian throne, having barely survived the plot to kill her. But with war brewing on all sides, she knows she has to reclaim her power in Mercia. Without it, Kharav will fall. And the Shadow King’s prophesied fate continues to promise his demise, even as Mikael’s nobles threaten to mutiny. Without his lord commander at his side, is Mikael able to help Norah win back her throne? And can Alexander help Norah from within Mercia, despite being in peril himself? King Cyrus has promised the end to all who stand in his way, and this war could cost Norah everything…

Cover image of War Queen by Nicola Tyche is to the bottom left of an image of a moody sky and lake. Added text: With Mikael's death foretold, Norah's determined to save him... But will the cost prove to be too high?
Nicola broke me with War Queen… But I embraced the heartbreak with open arms.

Happiness Boost:

It’s going to sound weird, but I’m starting my happiness boosts with this: I cried *buckets* of tears. There were numerous occasions when I had to stop reading War Queen, because my heart and soul were hurting that much. Nicola knows how to hit the heart with pinpoint accuracy, and for maximum effect. I’m not going to tell you why I cried so often, but trust me – you’re going to want tissues nearby! Isn’t it glorious when an author can break us like this? Or am I just a sucker for pain?

Although many authors can write an epic battle scene, War Queen would completely bypass quite a number of them! When the last battle occurs, I had chills running along my spine during the heat of the day. Nicola’s words were running a movie in my mind, and it was hard to breathe because I was (and still am) in awe. Do you like battle scenes that will rip you apart? Battles that will elevate a story to a whole new height? This romantic fantasy delivers. In fact it more than delivers: War Queen is setting the new standard.

I appreciate how characters are given small moments, reminding us of their emotions and the high stakes they’re facing. Norah, Mikael and Alexander are everything to me. But can we also talk about Soren? Because who knew I’d grow to love the grumpy cat of Kharav?! His troubles are ones which will slide under your skin, and I wanted to reach into the pages and hug him. He’d probably unalive me, considering his distaste for hugs. But it’s a risk I’m willing to take! And just quietly, be on the lookout for the butterfly moment… I couldn’t help but laugh!


I have no true downside for this epic fantasy. Do I wish Nicola hadn’t made me cry as much? One thousand percent. But that doesn’t take anything away from the perfection of War Queen!

Final Thoughts:

War Queen by indie author Nicola Tyche is the jewel in the Crowns trilogy, and sets a new standard for the romantic fantasy genre. I said what I said! It’s going to take me months, if not years, before I’m okay after reading this beautiful book. But it’s a price I willingly pay, because War Queen is magnificent. If you love what you’ve heard from my review? Just click on the link below to order yourself a copy of this stunning finale! Happy reading, glitterbugs!

You can order War Queen via this link: Amazon

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