When Souls Tear: Karen Ginnane *Review*

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Genres: Historical Fantasy, YA Fantasy | Release Date: 19 July 2022 | Series: Time Catchers | Series Book: #2 | Pages: 297 | Publisher: Penguin Random House Australia | Review

“The ending day has come.”

Karen Ginnane


When Souls Tear by Karen Ginnane is an exciting finale to the historical fantasy duology, Time Catchers! Although Immersed in Books hadn’t gone live when I reviewed the first book (When Days Tilt), you can see my review for that beautiful book here: When Days Tilt: Karen Ginnane.

It is now more than a month since Ava returned to London in 1858. The time snatchers are still wreaking havoc, tearing people away, and only Ava can stop them. As the Time Daughter, she must find the source and stop them, once and for all. However, can Ava do this when her father is still trying to recover from his own snatching? Will a long lost sibling bring about the downfall of everything Ava is working for? And can her friend Jack save his soul after being torn?

A paperback copy of When Souls Tear by Karen Ginnane is on a white bookshelf, in front of the first book (When Days Tilt) and Jennifer Fallon's The Tide Lords series. A green dragon with splatters of paint over him by Dirty Paws Australia is crouching in front of the books.
When Souls Tear is a massive adventure from start to finish!
The paint dragon by Dirty Paws Australia is rather protective of this wonderful story…

Happiness Boost:

I had the best time reading this story – I know it’s more of a middle grade/YA fantasy, but who doesn’t love diving into a book without all the teenage/adult angst sometimes? Karen takes the reader on a whirling adventure across two worlds, and there was even a cameo from Queen Victoria! This story ensures that the reader can only think of turning the next page; the real world can wait when London (and Donlon) might fall.

Karen has populated When Souls Tear with a varied cast of characters, and I love that none of them are formed from the same cookie cutter; they retain an originality to them, even when so many characters are needed to fill both worlds in this story. This includes one of my new favourites (whom we properly meet in this second book), called the Seamstress. At the head of a bunch of other seamstresses working for her (called Needlies), I was enchanted with her uniqueness.

You’re never too old to be told off by your Mother (or mother figure), and when this happened thanks to Violet? I felt weirdly satisfied that this is a universal thing. And of course it comes from a place of love, so you have to appreciate that! In true form, neither Ava nor Jeremiah quietly accept her wisdom, but it’s another universal truth that mothers really do know best. I love that at the core of this book is the importance of family.


I have no downside! When Souls Tear is a wonderful adventure from start to finish.

Final Thoughts:

When Souls Tear by Karen Ginnane is a fast paced finale to the Time Catchers duology, and one which I thoroughly enjoyed! Although I’m sad to say goodbye to Ava, who knows… We may see more of her down the track (I certainly hope so anyway). Anyone who wants a fun, thrilling journey in Victorian London and the excitement of another world? Go buy this book and its predecessor! I promise it will *not* disappoint. Happy reading, glitterbugs!

You can order via my Amazon link: When Souls Tear

Missed the first book? You can get it here: When Days Tilt

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