Where Magic Begins: Faith Prince *Review*

Cover image of Where Magic Begins by Faith Prince is in the centre of a gold and orange abstract background. Added text: Can two sisters come together against a looming threat?

Genres: Young Adult, YA Paranormal Romance, YA Urban Fantasy | Release Date: 7 July 2023 | Series: The Crowe Sisters | Series Book: #1 | Pages: 202 | Indie Author | Review

“I mend on the surface, but inside, I’m broken.”

Faith Prince


Indie author Faith Prince has created such an adventurous YA paranormal romance with Where Magic Begins! This first book in The Crowe Sisters series is jam-packed with sibling rivalry, overwhelming magic and a secret just waiting to be revealed… So let’s give you an overview, shall we?

Zoeli and Saria are twin half-witches, exiled along with their parents from the supernatural realm since their mother broke the law to marry a human. But even this doesn’t mean the sisters are best friends, because Saria’s backstabbing ways broke their previously strong connection. And when things go from bad to worse at their local high school, Zoeli makes a choice which could see this bitter sibling rivalry go too far… Because what happens when she makes a selfish choice? And can the sisters protect themselves against the witches hunting them? If Zoeli can’t move past her anger with Saria, is there any hope that they’ll survive what’s ahead?

Cover image of Where Magic Begins by Faith Prince is to the bottom left of an image of orange sparks and fire. Added text: Are Zoeli and Saria powerful enough to go against full blooded witches? And what happens when their sibling rivalry goes too far?
An incredible coming of age tale, Where Magic Begins is such an exciting paranormal romance!

Happiness Boost:

Where Magic Begins is a wonderfully fresh take on the YA paranormal romance genre, and I love how we get to see the perspective of both twins! Faith has created characters who are both flawed and yet ultimately redeemable, and I adore that these sisters (and the rest of the cast) aren’t picture perfect!

What Faith does so incredibly well in Where Magic Begins (and her other story: Wild Souls), is highlight the potential devastation of peer pressure. To be perfect and surround yourself with the ‘in-crowd’ is awfully hard. And let’s be honest, it never brings happiness. Within this paranormal romance, Faith gives us bookworms the perfect insight into how a sense of self-worth is absolutely invaluable. We’re shown how to embrace our imperfections and individuality, and I’m loving it!

The magical history in Where Magic Begins is a *huge* happiness boost in my eyes. There’s intrigue, there’s betrayal, and even a bit of carnage. And what’s more, because Zoeli and Saria are new to all of this? We get to see the inherent prejudices which only a select few are determined to change. Just because some people have magic doesn’t mean they’re better, and it’s a very important lesson for the sisters (and others) to learn!


I don’t really have a downside for Where Magic Begins! Yes, Zoeli does something *very* regrettable, but it’s not hard to see why. And we want a story with character growth, right? Well, here it is!

Final Thoughts:

Where Magic Begins by indie author Faith Prince is a paranormal romance of bitter rivalries, magical powers and lost royals. I have really enjoyed this first instalment in The Crowe Sisters series and can’t wait to read more! I’m going to be reading everything Faith writes in the future, and that’s a promise. Love what you’ve heard from my review? Just click on any of the links below to order your copy! Happy reading, glitterbugs!

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