White Horse Black Nights: Evie Marceau *Review*

Cover image of White Horse Black Nights by Evie Marceau is in the centre of an abstract image of dark blue and fiery ice. Added text: Sabine has been pledged to a high lord, but she's determined to escape...

Genres: Dark Fantasy, Fantasy Romance, NA Fantasy | Release Date: 6 November 2023 | Series: The Godkissed Bride | Series Book: #1 | Pages: 356 | Indie Author | Review

“Dark times are ahead, songbird. The awakening of the fae gods is nigh.”

Evie Marceau


It’s so very easy to lead me away from my intended TBR path, but White Horse and Black Nights by indie author Evie Marceau *had* to be read after @margiebythebookcase’s glowing IG review! This dark fantasy romance has hints of Snow White (and even Lady Godiva) sprinkling some extra magic within… But before I tell you whether I was enchanted? Let’s give you an overview!

Sabine has only been released from the convent now that she’s been pledged as a bride to a high lord. Her own wishes and dreams don’t matter, including her desperate desire for freedom. As Sabine’s escorted towards her new captor, she begins planning her escape from Basten (aka the ‘Wolf’), the huntsman assigned as her guard. But Sabine is actually the least of Basten’s worries. An ancient and dangerous power is re-emerging along the border of the kingdom, and if the sleeping fae have awakened? They’re all doomed. Can Sabine escape before everything is taken from her? Why are the threats converging upon her and Basten? And what happens when an attraction between these two ignites?

Cover image of White Horse and Black Nights by Evie Marceau is to the bottom left of an image of a dark and starry sky. Added text: Basten must bring Sabine home to his master, but there's a problem... The Wolf's developed feelings for her, & danger isn't far behind.
This is the dark fairytale you didn’t know you needed…

Happiness Boost:

White Horse Black Nights contains a powerful message for every woman who has ever felt powerless and without hope for agency. Sabine’s been held captive, abused by those in a position of power, but still she rises. This beautiful dark fantasy highlights how those deemed ‘weak’ or ‘lesser’ can find a way to overcome the challenges that come their way. It is, essentially, a fierce and passionate summons for the phoenix within each and every one one of us. Sabine is our leader, and Evie the maestro behind the scenes. I absolutely love this indomitable heroine, dear glitterbugs.

Let’s be honest, a fantasy romance always delights me when it gives us the enemies to lovers trope! And goodness does White Horse Black Nights deliver on this. Neither Sabine or Basten can stop from developing feelings, despite being destined for opposing sides. And as they travel towards Sabine’s intended, it’s clear that Basten would go to the ends of the earth for this woman. I was *so* invested, that when plot twists came my way? I frantically turned pages, hoping everything would work out!

Can we talk about the magic that lets Sabine talk to animals (and vice versa)?! I want this to be my life. Just so you know. But aside from that improbable dream, I revelled in every conversation Sabine had with her horse, Myst. I even cheered when a certain little traveller made an unlikely appearance from Basten’s pack! I know it’s YA fantasy, but if you ever loved Tamora Pierce’s The Immortals quartet? You will really want to read this!


It’s a minor one, but I have to be honest… Basten’s dithering over whether he’s lovable or not quickly wore on me. Yes, characters can have low self-esteem and eventually blossom with some TLC. But Basten’s back and forth made me want to shake him by the shoulders. This is just your heads up if you also get a bit tetchy about things like this!

Final Thoughts:

White Horse Black Nights by indie author Evie Marceau is a dark fantasy romance featuring a fierce heroine and a huntsman’s heart. This beautiful tale is just the first in a series, and you can bet I’ll be following the rest of the story! So not only should you trust my recs, but pay attention to Margie’s via IG too, okay? She knows what she’s talking about! Love what you’ve heard from my review? Just click on any of the links below to order yourself a copy! Happy reading, glitterbugs!

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