Wings of a Midnight Storm: P. N. Vang *Review*

Cover image of Wings of a Midnight Storm by P. N. Vang is in the centre of an image of leaves under a neon light. Added text: Will Narwin survive the emperor marching on the West?

Genres: NA Fantasy, New Adult, Fantasy | Release Date: 8 April 2024 | Series: The Epidmauri Saga | Series Book: #2 | Pages: 597 | Indie Author | Review

“Don’t consume yourself with the dead.”

P. N. Vang


A huge thank you goes to the wonderful indie author P. N. Vang, for letting me read an e-ARC of Wings of a Midnight Storm! This gritty and intense NA fantasy is the second instalment in the series (The Epidmauri Saga) and if you haven’t read book one yet? Go check out my review for Flight of a Thousand Embers right now! But without waiting any longer, let’s dive into an overview for this beauty…

The ominous rumble of war has begun, with the emperor now marching on the West with the soul-eating dagger at his side and his vast army behind him. Nowhere is safe, and Narwin is in more danger than most. As she flees the aftermath of her secret being revealed, an unlikely ally divulges the truth of the past to her. But can Narwin find the world’s saviours in time, or is the destruction of the world inevitable? Will Princess Rayla be able to break through to her father, or is the dagger’s presence now too overpowering for her to turn back the tide? Against a darkening world of grief, is it possible for Splenor and Guy to survive what’s ahead?

Cover image of Wings of a Midnight Storm by P. N. Vang is to the bottom left of an image of leaves under a neon light. Added text: The emperor is reaping souls with a terrible dagger at his side... Can Princess Rayla stop him before all of the West is destroyed?
This NA fantasy is an intense and gritty tale of war and courage…

Happiness Boost:

I’m going to give you a heads up right now: Wings of a Midnight Storm grasped my heart and didn’t let go until I reached the last page. In fact every single beat of it was magnified, because this NA fantasy has *so* much packed within it! Honestly, Vang took the excellence of book one and *tripled* it in this second instalment. I didn’t think that was possible! But with this gorgeous fantasy? I experienced a kaleidoscope of emotions and was left reeling from the events that take place. There’s anger, betrayal, heartbreak and so much more here. It’s incredible and I still haven’t recovered.

Can we talk about the magic system? Vang has effortlessly threaded magic through every part of this book, and it’s a musical note which lingers long after you finish reading. The pacing and plot hit their beats perfectly, with every new reveal building the tension and emotion ever higher. And glitterbugs, let me tell you… When Wings of a Midnight Storm reaches the crescendo? I was gobsmacked. I was screaming (in pain or joy, you decide) in my mind, because it completely floored me. This writing is *epic*.

What would you do if you had to choose between a friend or a loved one? How about choosing between saving yourself or dying while trying to save the world? Vang gives these characters the worst choices, but what’s that saying? Even when there’s only bad choices, you still have to make one. And Wings of a Midnight Storm is ruthless. It kept me reading long past my normal bedtime, because who could sleep when the writing is this good?! I’m just in awe over here. I really am.


I don’t have a downside! A bruised and battered heart, yes. But no downside!

Final Thoughts:

Wings of a Midnight Storm by indie author P. N. Vang is an epic NA fantasy full of devastation, magic and heightened emotions. I completely adore it, and wish I could read book three already! If you haven’t started The Epidmauri Saga yet? Join me, glitterbugs… Because this fantasy is honestly brilliant and I need more people to know about it! If you like the sound of this tale from my review? Just click on the link below to order a copy! Happy reading, glitterbugs!

You can order Wings of a Midnight Storm via this link: Amazon

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