Wings So Wicked: Emily Blackwood *Review*

Cover image of Wings So Wicked by Emily Blackwood is in the centre of an image of a spiky flower at dusk. Added text: To get into the Golden City, will Huntyr have to trust a fallen angel?

Genres: NA Fantasy, Fantasy Romance, Fantasy | Release Date: 12 January 2024 | Series: Golden City | Series Book: #1 | Indie Author | Review

“We were simply pawns, simply weapons in this wicked, dark world.”

Emily Blackwood


A huge thank you goes to indie author Emily Blackwood, for letting me read an ARC of Wings So Wicked! This NA fantasy romance is a deliciously dark tale of assassins, magic and the lure of The Golden City. Want to know more? Let’s give you an overview!

Raised by Lord to become a deadly and bloodthirsty assassin, Huntyr has never known what it’s like to be safe. Instead, her life has been solely focused on killing vampyres that threaten the kingdom. But now Lord has given her a new mission and she must get into The Golden City, the renowned haven which houses elite fae and the last of the angels. To do this, Huntyr must pass the tests at the academy, but what happens when she’s paired with a fallen angel named Wolf? Can she trust this warrior to keep her secrets? And why is there no one protecting the students from deadly infighting? Being the best assassin means nothing if Huntyr is taken out by her peers…

Cover image of Wings So Wicked by Emily Blackwood is to the bottom left of an image of dark flowers against a black background. Added text: As an assassin, Huntyr has only ever relied on herself... Can she put her faith in the enigmatic Wolf?
You’ll love this fantasy romance if you want a slow burn story full of deadly trials…

Happiness Boost:

If you like a fantasy romance full of trials, even as it features rivals to lovers and a steamy slow burn? Wings So Wicked is a story you do *not* want to miss! This NA fantasy is like catnip for readers, as Emily weaves a beautifully wicked plot of treachery, forced proximity and dark secrets for us to devour within its pages. How could anyone pass that up?!

Okay, this story pummelled my heart from page one. To be honest, Huntyr’s life has been one of the hardest upbringings I’ve ever read, which is saying a lot. But does this make her so hard that she cracks under pressure? Is she irreparably frail underneath her exterior? No. Because Huntyr, our beloved and badass FMC, is a diamond. And that’s not to say Huntyr is one of those terribly boring FMCs who are perfect in every way! Instead, Wings So Wicked delivers us a flawed heroine who has to learn how to trust. Obviously, I’m a big fan!

For my fantasy romance bookworms, we get the possessive, ‘touch her and I’ll unalive you’ trope. And goodness is it done so very well within Wings So Wicked! But is there more to the story than this? You better believe it. At one point, Emily delivers a truly staggering revelation, and it’s one I did *not* see coming. I’m not going to give away spoilers, but what I *will* do? Is tell you to buckle up for the adventure, because this tale built up to something extraordinary!


Although there’s a *big* cliffhanger at the end, I have no downside! Am I cursing that we have to wait for book two? A little bit. But that’s my own impatience talking, not an actual downside for this NA fantasy!

Final Thoughts:

Wings So Wicked by indie author Emily Blackwood is a delicious NA fantasy romance featuring assassins, magic and a steamy slow burn. It has been an absolute joy to read this story, and I cannot wait for book two! Seriously Emily, can we just miraculously have book two now? I am *so* ready to find out what happens next! Enjoy what you’ve heard from my review? Just click on the link below to pre-order yourself a copy! Happy reading, glitterbugs!

You can pre-order Wings So Wicked via this link: Amazon

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