Wrath of the Damned: Ella Fields *Review*

Cover image of Wrath of the Damned by Ella Fields is in the centre of a black and white image of thorns. Added text: Is it possible for Tullia to wreak vengeance on her father?

Genres: Fantasy Romance, NA Fantasy, Fantasy | Release Date: 1 January 2024 | Series: Deadly Divine | Series Book: #2 | Pages: 389 | Publisher: Hodderscape | Review

“I needed the pain to end–all of it just to end.”

Ella Fields


It’s been such a relief to dive into Wrath of the Damned by Ella Fields, because the ending of book one (Nectar of the Wicked) left me so very anxious! This beautiful NA fantasy romance is the finale in the Deadly Divine duology, and is rife with tension, stubborn love and deadly consequences. So let’s give you an overview, shall we?

Tullia has been left broken, branded a traitor by her father, King Molkan. So when the winter faerie king Florian takes her back to his kingdom, she has nothing left to lose. She doesn’t care about love, and her body is slow to heal. But Tullia has a burning desire to see her father overthrown, and Florian is the key. With his powers, Florian could stop Molkan from taking over the realm, but it won’t be easy. Will Florian and Tullia find a way to move past their history of hurt and betrayal? Will vengeance satisfy either of them? And if Molkan is overthrown, who will wear the crown? The cost of victory could prove too high…

Cover image of Wrath of the Damned by Ella Fields is to the bottom left of a black and white image of thorns on plant stems. Added text: Florian would do anything to earn Tullia's trust... But can he defeat a king?
This is the *perfect* conclusion to the Deadly Divine duology!

Happiness Boost:

Within Wrath of the Damned, we are treated to an absolute queen of a character in Tullia. Ella has created a heroine who is flawed, stubborn and broken. She has been hurt and tormented, more than anyone should be. But what this fantasy romance does *so* well? Is highlight how the broken can be brave, and their courage can rise. This is a heartfelt story of determination, just as it’s proof that good can follow evil. The darkness doesn’t always win. Of course this is a massive happiness boost for me!

Let’s talk enemies to lovers, shall we? Florian and Tullia’s story within Wrath of the Damned is a deliciously spicy tale, and our morally grey male highlights how we don’t always have to cheer for noble heroes. Sometimes, the more villainous the better! This dark fantasy had me reeling over our main characters’ journey, but that’s a *very* good sign!

I know my review of book one mentioned that the plot started off a little shaky (for me), but that it soon became downright amazing. Well glitterbugs, I’m here to tell you that the plot within this book? It started off with a bang and enveloped me into the story within seconds! There were absolutely *no* missteps, and the world building was both rich and powerful. I adore this finale to the Deadly Divine duet!


No downside for me, I’ve loved every second of this fantasy romance!

Final Thoughts:

Wrath of the Damned by Ella Fields is the perfect finale to the NA fantasy romance Deadly Divine duology. If you love fae stories which feature enemies to lovers and fated mates? You’re going to want this duet! Trust me. And if you’ve loved what you’ve heard from my review? Just click on any of the links below to order a copy! Happy reading, glitterbugs!

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